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Oct 19, 2011
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Artistic Nail Design will launch Rock Hard Nails Liquid and Powder at Olympia Beauty this weekend. The product range is described as "integrated technology [that] creates nails that are strong, flexible and withstand the toughest clients."

Listen's the science bit. The products are derived from a proprietary blend of monomers chemically altered into fine polymers and smooth oligomers creating the first ever full lines of nail enhancement products that are engineered to work together. Got that?

They are launching three different kits to suit the different needs of nail techs:

Rockin’ French Collection: Featuring VIP Bright White, VIP Clear, Blush Pink and Soft White to create various French manicure looks for your clients to enjoy.

Flawless French Collection: VIP Concealer Powders allow you to extend the nail bed or cover damage and flaws in the natural nail. VIP Blush Pink acts as a pink veil to create a natural look, while VIP Bright White creates crisp smile lines.

Rockstar Collection: VIP Silver Starlet and VIP Gold Metal are the headliners for this show! Featuring VIP Artistic White for creating flowers and other art details for a customized 3-D look.

“The launch of our Rock Hard LED Gel this year has been so successful, and we have all been anticipating our L&P portion of the line to launch. This is my favorite!! The extra-fine powders create a creamy white that is easy to sculpt with,” says Artistic Nail Design executive vice president and creative director Alisha Rimando Botero. “Specifically designed to work with the Center Stage Monomer Nail Liquid, the powders apply such a smooth surface there is hardly any filing,” adds Botero.

Liquid and Powder open stock items will be launching at Olympia Beauty this weekend. Nail art packs coming soon.

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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Ill be watching this one closely!
Must pay them a visit at Olympia :)

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