Nails that cant keep anything!!


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Apr 6, 2007
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I am stuck!

I have a client that comes in that CANNOT keep ANYTHING on her nails!!

She had been to a lot of places before she came to me and has had everything from gels, to acrylics and polish.

When she came in and explained her problems, i made 100% sure that the prep was perfect even did it twice!but still within a day, they are all lifting, its REALLY frustrating me as i cannot see a reason for it. We have tried everything on her nails, tips, sculpt,even popits!!

Ideally she would like to just have manicures, but as her nails cant seem to hold polish she is stuck!

Any ideas would be helped!!

Thanking you!! xx
Is she on any medication? i heard that some medication such as warfin ( dont know if i spelt that correctly) can make clients prone to lifting
did you use a primer on her hun?
God, thats sounds awful!! i'd say you're frustrated all right! did you notice had she very oily skin? some people have more oil on their nail plates than normal. what's her occupation? are her hands in water all of the time?
the fact that you have tried pretty much everything,including primer etc,there's not much else i could suggest to you. :rolleyes: sorry!
maybe all the stimulation to her nails(having them done so often) is causing an overproduction of oil?
sorry i couldn't help,i'd be interested to see what the other girlies have to say!

it's a toughie!!!

good luck!
makes me think that it is something that she is doing with her nails after she has had them done - what is her aftercare like? Gloves? Occupational hazards?
yep ive tried using primers, she uses solar oil at home, so we tried not using solar oil at all in case her nails were too oily, she works in an office so her hands arent in water a lot!
She normally comes in between 2-3 weeks to have her nails done as she doesnt want to be havin a rebalnce every week!but generally she has no nails left by the time she comes in they have all lifted up and come off!!
At home i think she is quite a 'lady of leisure' shall we say so she definatly isnt treating her nails badly, and as she is so desperate to keep them nice, i think she is extra careful with them
It sooooo frustrating!!!
I to have had one of those.She was a debetic (did have a doc note) too much sugar made even nail polish peel off?We try but still beat up ourselfs thinking we have done something wrong.
My nails are like this to a degree, polish will not stay on, doesnt matter how "good" quality the base coat is or the polish or the top coat! lol it will all peal away from the FE in about 2 days, (toes however are fine -but the FE on them will start to peal off in about 2 weeks) Gel will do this to a certain point, some will seperate at the FE, Acrylic however sticks like pancakes to a rock, I never get an ounce of lift with acylic.
Ketan Patel gave this advice last year and it workes for me:

To clients that is prom to lifting, change to radical liquid insted of retention, and start my doing at good prep, and the give the client a PREP Booster before, remember to use Scrub Fresh again after you have used nail Fresh, this have been a great help for me, with clients that has been having lifting problems