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Jan 9, 2003
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Kelly Mansfield is Looking to introduce a few new reader additions to Nails.
They are calling all Geeks to send in a couple o things to make the new additions kick buttocks.
  • Nail Shots
    Kelly is looking for some really high quality pics or tips that can be shot for the magazine.
  • Letters
    Primarily all sorts of letters regarding business issues that you may have.
Nails will be generously sending out a gift for each letter or pic printed from yourselves so get on it!

Send your stuff to:

Nails magazine
Alexander House
Ely, Cambs

Or drop an email to [email protected]
Has anyone participated in this yet? 8)
Yep I have .................
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
P.S. I did send it via email but never had a reply to wether she had received it .................Oh well she is a busy girl ........
Me too - just getting it all parcelled up and ready to send, I do hope they use a little soft focus on the pic though - don't want to traumatise too many of their readers! :?
Just heard from Crazy Caroline that they have printed my little letter in the Nails Mag this month. Well I havn't read it yet as I am still waiting for my Copy...................
Can't wait to see it now...............

love Ruth xxxx
I've had my copy today Ruth, you are on the letters page on page 78, it's lovely what you have wrote.

Jue ;)
I wished I could read it now, Monday hopefully Mr. Postman will drop the Mag on my doormat............
I can't wait ..........
But if anyone has a copy and can scan and send me it, that would be fab.....

Thanks Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Have pm'd you what the mag says.

Jue ;)
Got your PM and thanks for doing all that typing, just so I can have a preview....bless ya..........
See you at Exel............. I will be the one in the Loo shaking ...........

Only kidding, looking forward to it now and can't wait to do my thing.....

so see ya soon
love Ruth xxxxxxx
no prob about pm typing the letter, was an audio secretary before nail tech so can touch-type approx 100 words per min so it was easy peasy.

Look forward to seeing you too on sunday, will check the loo when i get there, :D if not will check out comp area, looking forward to seeing the other "geekette's" as well, altho i'm sure we will all bump into each other around the show, added some more bits to my shopping list tonite need to bring big shopping bag to get it all back to the car roflmao :D

did a nail party today for 6 10 year olds, then went to pizza hut for dinner, am totally exhausted but the girls were well impressed, only did fm airbrushed and gems tho took me approx 2 hrs but little girls are hard work!

think i much prefer next sunday tho, spending loads of money on my nail job

c u next sunday


jue xx
hi there Jue

hope you dont mind me butting in

i noticed you said you did kids parties how much do you charge for doing those if you dont mind me asking

i was asked to do one for a 9 year olds b'day but wasnt sure what to charge

feed back on this would be great

Just seen Ruths letter in Nails mag, nice one Ruth.
Hayley, childrens parties have been discussed before, have you done a search? it`ll be a big help for you
hi deb

no i havnt im fairly new geek still finding my way round
i joined i think in feb but didnt use it for ages

didnt have a clue how to get the messages up ........durh

then layla advised me on aol how easy it was and helpful

so i gave it another go and now i love it on here

and have become a no1 geek fan even looking for him at the shows Lol

sorry mr geek talking about you like your not there i guess you do try and get time to read post

well done to you and mrs geek

its a fantastic site i do tell all my fellow nail techs

anyway thats enough wafflle

night all x

Please stay on topic though ;)
Hi all,
This is a first post for me!

Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who have sent in your nail art tips for The gallery and business letters for my post bag. It's great to be getting some more reader participation in the mag. But I want more! So please keep it coming in – there's loads of opportunities for you and I want to get as many of you involved as possible!!

Just to remind you, you can mail me at: [email protected]
or send your stuff into:
Nails magazine,
Alexander House

Kelly x
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