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claire 1

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Jun 21, 2004
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Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know anything about, has anyone had dealings with them, they claim to be affliated with creative, any info would be great.

Was thinking and only thinking of selling up and going over there.


Claire x
i think geeg will be the one to answer this!!! I don't know if this is the one but last year she did a post on being offered your own salon in spain by some one that she had helped!!! Geeg where r u?????
I don't think it is these guys .........................
Just a thought, be carefull and seek legal advice before parting with any money !!!!!!
Definately look into it carefully before taking the plunge. Good luck in your possible new venture though, its quite a leap to move to a different country.
There was a post by Geeg a while back about a company called Nails in Spain who claimed to affiliated to Creative and were NOT!

Do a search on Spain and see if it comes up.
Thanks everyone,

Have just read the thread in question and it does sound like a con.

Cheers Claire x

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