Names for a new business

Which name would you dolls go for the most?

  • Eminentfour

  • Uniquebymila

  • Milaskreations

  • Kreationsbyk

  • Fourkreations

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Hey dolls, I'm trying to come up with a name for my upcoming beauty business!
I have a very strong passion for makeup, nails and lashes I've currently qualified as a level 2 hair and media makeup artist and I'm going onto level 3 shortly I'm also planning on doing a couple of short courses on the side such as nails, lashes and maybe hair extensions.
These are the names that I've come up with so far:


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From my own personal experience (i changed mine recently) I regret asking for opinions on my business name! Everyone will have different opinions and it can be quite deflating if you have come up with a name and really like it and not everyone shares your enthusiasm!

But if I was to give advice - Think about how memorable your name will be to potential clients (for the right reasons!). When you roll words into one long word it can look a bit muddled. - could you hyphenate them?

For what it's worth, from the names you've come up with I prefer Uniquebymila (if Mila is your name?!)

Milaskreations and Kreationsbyk Makes me think of arts and crafts rather than beauty treatments.

I'm not sure about the relevance of the other names in connection to the beauty business? Will your clients see the connection?


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I would also check what is available on the social media platforms you intend to use. I was all excited and ready to get my logo and literature printed when I realised that what I'd chosen was not available.

Whilst I'm sure you're far more organised than I, it's definitely worth the reminder.


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Exciting times ahead on your new venture!
I agree with the above replies, I am a little confused as to your link to the various name choices, in relavance to the hair and media make up.
Kamile is cute
Maria also nice
Is your avatar for the geek forum not your real name? I personally keep things simple so theres no reason to have to spell it out or explain what you do. IMO
Uniquebymila is the only one of the above suggestions that I prefer , but what will it show to the potential clients?
Your business will change in the future and that will be closer to a hair and beauty industry norms so if Mila is your name choice
"Milas hair and beauty" says what you do and no need for any confusion or name change in the future.
"kamile hair and beauty "
"Unique hair and beauty by Mila"

Ask anyone and as beautiful-you says there will be a million and one alternatives so good luck to you.
Let us know what you decide please.