Natural nail overlay gel polish?


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Oct 22, 2013
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East Riding of Yorkshire
Hi all, first post so go easy!! :Scared:
I'm looking for something to strengthen natural nails. The problem is that they get to a certain length then peel & snap :-/
I'm not a massive fan of acrylic
I've been using gelish gel polish for over a year but this isn't cutting it
Is there a thicker gel polish I could try or poss builder gel??

Thanks x

If you wanted to stick with Nail Harmony, then you could try Structure Gel under your Gelish for a bit of strength?

Or if you wanted something stronger, I use Brisa Lite Sculpting as a natural nail overlay (it can also be used with enhancements), but my nails are everso strong with this. And the beauty of it is, it's also a soak off!

Just a few suggestions! xx

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Hi, you could use Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel under Shellac. This is perfect for clients nails that need an added oomph! Not sure if you use CND, if not invest- its amazing!

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That's great, just bought a hard gel to try under gel polish. Will def try brisk lite in future...heard good things about it!! Xx
Bio sculpture has a range of gels to suit all nail types, plus colour gels. Although you would need to train, unless you already have a gel qualification then you can do a conversion course.

All soak off gels too.


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