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May 16, 2004
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UK-Milton Keynes
:| I am a newbie nail technician. I learnt how to do nails at college. Although we leart lots, I still feel that I did not learn enough about infills and maintence. You also dont get told alot about the products. From coming onto this site I have sen alot about different products, i would like to know what you feel your best products are and any recommendations to try, i use acrylic and gel. I am feeling a little underconfident at the moment and wanted some tips on how to improve maintence. I get lifting with gel and would like to more about 'capping'. Do you do this both acrylic and gel? I also find sometimes that the nails look a bit bulbous or fat at the tips. Any advice and tips would be gratefully received!
There are lots of tutorials on this site if you click on search and "Tutorials" then you will find out alot.Try getting some sample kits of products so you can see for yourself how others work for you.

It's advised to make sure you do on going training to keep yourself up to date and obviously to help you become a better tech. I've trained with Star but now use EZ Flow and have found my nails have dramatically improved due to practise and the fact i get on better with the product. Some people find this with Creative so its just finding the one that works for you.

Practise, Practise Practise, i'm afraid is the main thing that will get you where you wanna go. Perhaps see if there are others near you and arrange a meeting so you can all get together and play with products and try other techniques. Its a great way of meeting people and finding new things out about various products.

Hope this helps and you get where you wanna go.

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