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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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I have found this web site that does business cards for free and am considering the following template


or this one


Which one do you think is more relevant and catchier?

I found another one......LOL oops its very colorful although not pertaining to the beauty industry

I like the first one, the one with the eyes. Although it does bring to mind "beauty" it's not that relevant to nails. But it's still nice.
I have the first one with the eyes..................
So thats the one I would go for lol.........

just a thought
Ty for the feedback, there are other assortments available for a negligeable fee but none of them appeal to me more than the free ones. No sense in paying for something that is not exactly what I want. Although the first one with the eyes screams beauty I think its the one that appeals the most to me and will do just fine for handing out to start a clientele.

Many thanks ladies......btw Nailsinlondon..... I commend you on your good taste....... D wink
Hi Kat, I'd pick the pink one, but I don't really like any of them. Can you design your own card/logo instead and upload it to Vista? I know these ones you have selected are free and you pay only for shipping..but sometimes free is not better.

I am seriously considering uploading my card design and having them print them for $30 plus whatever the shipping is.

Thoase links won`t work for me and I can`t get the site to respond either :(

Try this

http// and proceed to the free business card tab. Hope this works.
thanks, I tried that but then I couldn`t get anything on the site to work. I`ll give it another go
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