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Mar 15, 2008
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I completed my beauty and nails courses in 2008, I have tried to start up once before - due to family circumstances I had to stop and ended up goin back to my office job. I started beauty again in Feb this year - first off practicing on family and friends, then offering my services at reduced rates to clients and I am now finally at the stage where I am charging full price.

At the moment I am offering spray tanning, bio sculpture and lash extensions. I am still charging a reduced price for lashes as I am not quite good enough yet to charge full price. (I have been doing lashes since April/May this year).

I have been advertising of facebook which got me lots of interest in the beginning - have had most clients through facebook but now my work seems to have gone completly dead! I have had no work all week and last week I had 2 spray tanning parties. I was quite pleased with having 2 parties last week as I dont expect to be fully booked but am struggling a bit at the moment in getting new interest. at the moment i have no bookings at all for the next few weeks.

Any ideas how else i can advertise and to get a new business off the ground? This is my full time work now (after being made redundent from office job) and this is all i have ever wanted to do.

Any help would be great, I am getting a bit disheartend! xxx
Hi Hayley, have you been rebooking future appointments with clients before you leave? Do you email, text,phone or send literature to clients to keep up to date with special offers and remind them that you are there? you could maybe design a questionnaire for clients to gain feedback from their experience to see if there is anything you could improve on or add in to your treatments.

There's a great thread called: more ways to promote your business which could be helpful if you have not already read it.
Thanks for your reply. Yes I send out weekly newsletters with new offers, treatments coming soon and basically just to remind people what I do. I also send out montly texts to all clients. My nail clients usually come to me every 2 - 3 weeks. I have only about 4 regular clients at the moment. Alot of people had bio done when I was doing them half price but obviously don't want them done long term.

For spray tanning i seem to get the same people coming back to me but for their special occassions or nights out. So nothing too regular at the moment.

And eyelashes I am still asking for models (and charging 1/2 price) as I have not got these perfect just yet.

I will look at that post - thank u x
How long have you been established for? are you mobile or home based? sometimes that happens with special offers if you are offering a very low price, your loyal customers will comeback for the service rather than the cost, and this will take time but it's more beneficial in the long run, cheap offers usually attract cheap clients.

That post will help you and just be consistent with your marketing, leaflet drops, approaching colleges, other businesses, you could maybe start a website, create a loyalty or recommend a friend scheme, do a raffle or competition, implement a customer care policy...

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