NEED HELP! The dredded filing around the cuticle area???


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Dec 28, 2007
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Hey all. I am not new to the business but still struggle with filing around the cuticle area. I use a coarse sanding band to rebalance the nail when the client comes in and to remove the shine from the regrowth (gently of course). Then once my product is applied I use a carbide bit to refine the nail. However here is where my problem comes in. I am very intimidated by the carbide bit because it is so sharp and I don't like using it near the cuticle area. I really need advice about this. I need to know what you seasoned professionals are using to tuck that cuticle area down! Absolutely any advice will be helpful and thanks a bunch! :green:
Practice your application. Very little filing is needed if you have your application down pat. You should be sculpting with your BRUSH, and not your FILE. :)
I am having trouble with my application at the cuticle area and then subsiquently filing that area as well. Any info will be helpful!
Can you not hand file the cuticle area if it worries you?
I would recommend using less product in this area...(this may also be why you are getting lifting as mentioned on your other thread)...and hand blend what is there with a 240 grit. You shouldn't have to be removing large amounts of product in zone 3 as there should not be large amounts of product there in the first place...all that is required is gently blending flush to the natural nail...with a 240
The koala file by cnd for refining that area,
and you should never use the electric file on any part of the natural nail so stop using it to remove the shine, you will be causing damage and trauma to the nail plate hth
Wow, thanks a bunch for the links! That was extremely helpful. God Bless. :)

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