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Myah Briggs

Feb 19, 2016
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Hi everyone!
I would like some advice please.
I'm in the process of thinking of a business name and I'm wondering if it is really necessary to have the word "beauty" either in the name or indirectly.
I want to attract a male clientelle as well, and do not want the word "beauty" in the name. I have looked at other names online and I can't see any that do not have the word "beauty" either in the name or indirectly relating to the name. It's hard cos at the same time, people need to know what your business offers.
So I'm stumped. Any suggestions or tips?
Thanks so much!
I know of a few salons that don't have the word beauty in the name. As long as you advertise correctly you wont have a problem. You might also think about having a special offer for males.. say on a Monday? Call is 'Men's Monday' and offer a discount on a certain service.
I don't think, as a man, I'd go to somewhere particularly that has beauty in the name. Bare in mind I'm pretty easy going on that kind of thing, IE I've used sunbeds, get massages, chest waxes etc.
What about myah's or something like that? Or if that's not your name pick a name you like and use that, I fancied windsors when I was opening its my grandads surname, nothing to do with salons I just liked the name :) I do agree beauty in the name is quite a feminine thing
Thanks for all your feed-back guys!

Really good advice!

I'll think about your answers ad come up with a something :)

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