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Dinky Geek
Oct 24, 2003
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I would like to get my business name put on to my tunics i wear in my salon...does anyone know of a reputable company that does this please?
Love to know if you can help...thanks...x
Hi Deni, Look in YP under signwriters, I think they are under there. Got mine done in Ktees in Fareham -cost about £10 to set up text and then approx £5 per item (the more you have the cheaper it becomes). They look very good - used to use them as well when I worked at Doves Ford.
I use iron on t shirt paper, print it off and iron it on...much cheaper!!!
Try Alexanders not sure if they have once where you are.

Have a look in your telephone book (yellow pages) they can embrioder (not sure if i spelt that right) logo,names etc you can also purchase your uniform from them they supplie alsorts as well as hand towels for manicures they are really cheap they can put your company name on your towels too.
Bring them with you Wednesday, we can pop down to a shop here that does them
Thanks for all your replies...
Also looking for really nice salonwear that is not mega expensive but not tacky cheap looking either any ideas?
Tops and crop trousers...need size 10...
[Tops and crop trousers...need size 10...[/QUOTE]

Now ya showing off Deni! lol! :biggrin:
lol...sorry, i didnt see it that used to be a size
Hiya Deni,

I got mine fom Florence Roby, they are a little on the expensive side but they wash really nice. I have had then about 2yrs now and they look as good as new, so sometimes paying that bit extra pays off in the end. Word of advise though!!!! i have two white tuics and the buttons are fabric coated and have started to look a little gruby and i cannot get them clean, the next time i buy some i will get them with a pearl finish.
Debs said:
Bring them with you Wednesday, we can pop down to a shop here that does them
Hi Debs where are you referring to?? is it in Shoebury?
Southchurch Kelly, opposite the White Horse
Is there anywhere near you that sell nice uniforms too?
I know that Ultimate Hair and Beauty do uniforms and i'm sure they are in southend, Debs would know. Most of the wholesalers sell uniformsof some description, just depends on what you're after.

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