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Apr 28, 2003
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I have had an L&P client for just over a year now and during this time she has always experienced lifting no matter what I have done for her.
I was taught to soak off any enhancement if the lifting was more than 30% and quite often although she doesn`t experience this with all her nails the lifting was generally quite a bit therefore they were soaked off.
As soon as I trained with Creative last year I changed her over but she still experiences lifting and they still get soaked off occasionally. She always "forgets" to use her solar oil and does generally not bother to look after them.
Although she does often get lifting of product I have to say it isn`t every visit, and her visits are the only thing she does do regularly. At the last visit she had lost 5 nails and asked specifically to have them removes and a complete new set.
In doing this I discovered 4 of her nails had onycholysis beginning to appear at the free edge so I have left her nails without enhancement and advised her to be vigilant with her solar oil and come back in 2 weeks so I can reassess the situation.
Now after reading the post about confusion over acetone I am wondering if its my fault she is suffering with onycholysis. If it is what can I do with a client like this to avoid it happening again?
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