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Feb 20, 2004
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Jersey Channel Islands
Does any one know what if anything we can do to help people with a nervous habbit of rubbing their cuticle.

Client has the most beautiful hands and nine nails. Her thumb is awful. Has been picking at it for aprox 20 years and it is all groved an massively indented at the cuticle.

I just wanted clarification from you guys,

if she stopped tomorrow would it get better? - I was under impression that it was too late to fix it now, damage has been done.

is there anything we can do to help clients in this situation. She requested Acrylic to be built up on nail, it would need to be really thick to sort out that bad dip at cuticle (aprox 4-5 milimeters). Would this really help though as she constantly carries on rubbing. I think that would be an answer for a special occasion, but too little too late.

Let me know your advice as she beleives she is beyond help and I would like to make her happy about her hands again.

take it easy
The best thing to do is to give it a try.

Sometimes the nail will grow out and recover with small habit tics, but something this big that has been going onfor so long, may have permanent matrix damage. Still time is a great healer and I have seen ski jump nails look almost normal after years of wearing nail enhancements.

If it were I ... I would try it. the damage will not repair itself in 1, 6 or maybe even 12 months but at least she will be rubbing the acrylic and not her nail and give the natural nail a rest.
Thanks Gigi

I think we shall give it a try. If it works, I guess she will be a very happy lady.

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