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Aug 1, 2005
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I've decided that I would like to have my eyebrows shaped, but I have never had anything done with them before so dont know what to look for in a therapist. What should I look for in a excellent brow shaper?

They should ask you to fill out a consultation form and give you aftercare advice. Make sure salon is clean and hygenic and therapist should ask you what your wanting done with eyebrows (tweezed, waxed, threaded). We cant work with something thats not there though (lots of clients ask me for an arch shape but they dont have enough hair for results they are looking for).

Hope this helps :)
You can look up HD Brows and go onto their Salon Finder to find the nearest one to your area
Shel x
Cheers for the help Shel :hug: , but HD (which I would love to go to) is in the UK....I'm not, I'm down in New Zealand.
Oh well that's a shame, perhaps it'll get over there at some point, but no good to you now:eek:
Shel x
Have a look around and first decide if you want to get your eye brows shaped with waxing or threading to get the desired results you want. If you are unsure why not visit a local therapist and have a chat with her to get some views of what she would be recommending to do as a shape or thinning out etc.
As eyebrows are an area where the hair "gives up" relatively easy you dont want to take off too much and find that the shape isnt right and that the hair might not grow back where you want it to, so depending on your eye brows now take it slow and do it in steps till you know which shape you like and suits you if that makes sense? :hug:
Thank you for all the info girls.:hug: :hug:

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