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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
hay guys,

As you know my car was broken into and got robbed and since then it just hasn't felt the same in driving it.

So I want a new one, on consoladiting all my debit into one payment I relaised I could afford one. Well not totally new. A 2003 Silver Renalut Cleo. Its lovely its got. 5 doors, Electric Windows front and back, electric mirrors, Air con, Alloy Wheels, Matalic Paint, CD Player, Alarm, Immoblised only 7900 miles on the clock all for only €12000 which in Euro is great, Fingures crossed the bank will give me the loan

Pray for me


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Hi Lindag - The car looks fab! Fingers crossed for you x
She's a pretty girl - Fingers crosssed the bank play ball :green:
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Linda - I know it's a horrible feeling once your car has been stolen or broken into, it never does feel the same.
hi linda

love the car ;)

did you get the package i sent you?
I'm a Star said:
hi linda

love the car ;)

did you get the package i sent you?
Yea I ment to send you PM to thank you but I must have forgot - sorry thank you so much you are so kind and it really helped

Thanks to every one else that help me out
Hi Linda
You will be ok I just know it. Good Luck

Fingers crossed with the bank,
Best of luck with the car.
Looks great, i love those cleo's, please let us know how you get on. Fingers and toes crossed, they better let you have it.....i can't go to the loo till they do.:lol:
The garage has arranged finance for me so I should be able to collect the car tonight

Yeeeepppppeee !!!!!
Whooo Hoooo - Enjoy the new car - watch out for those pesky speed camera's whilst you're working out how fast she'll go!!! :D
Great news Linda.

Best of luck with it!

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