New CND LED lamp, any good?


Hi, my trusty CND UV lamp is on it's last legs. I am tempted to buy the new CND lamp but can't find any unbiased reviews.
Anyone using it? Is it worth the money? Will it cure even my oldest shellac ?


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The led CND lamp is good and I appreciate the faster cure, 1 minute instead of 2. Downside is the hole is a little smaller and we all know how many clients can’t even manage to get their hand in a big hole without dinging lol and a tad more tricky for feet as it doesn’t have the removeable bottom piece but not really a problem.
The lead has needed a bit of jiggling since the word go and when it stopped connecting I did have to buy a new lead but hey better than a new lamp! And I’ve got the damn thing sellotaped in there now
It cures all my Shellacs perfectly. The answer to your last question depends how old your oldest ones are as they do have a shelf life but certainly I’ve not had any problems with it curing mine. Hope this helps!
(As for whether it’s worth it, imho it’s taking the p... a little bit but worth it to me to have the whole professional system )


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It's worth mentioning that the newest lamp that was released this year has the removable base and the lead has been moved to the side.

I can't personally comment on it though as my current original lamps are still in working order.


Thanks. I am interested in the lamp that was released this year with the removeable base plate


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I am also keen to hear any reviews. Thanks


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I have the new cnd lamp and although its small, I like it. It's VERY hot. Cures the gel polish perfectly, no wrinkling!! I just miss the count down of the time. Buy it