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Mar 15, 2003
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I just got my master newsletter and saw the new colors I am just dying to get my hands on them and I will sport the blue first and prob all summer! anyone else seen them what do ya think?
Haven`t seen the new colours yet, do you have to be a master to get a newsletter and if you do, how does everyone else get to know the new colours that come out
Debbie ... your distributor should be your best friend.!!

When you go in and out of the One Stop Nail Shop near to you, on a regular basis, you will see any new collections available.

We also regularly have any new Creative Colours announced in the trade press, magazines such as Scratch, Nails and Professional Beauty etc. will keep you up to date. The summer special collection Bazar is fun and the colours are awesome.

There is also this message board.

We do not do a Masters News letter here in the UK , but are planning regular special deals for masters ONlY at special prices, as we feel they really deserve it. This special arrangement will also be announced in the press when it is all set up.

If you have a good relationship with your distributor, you cannot fail to know of all the new things that are happening etc. ;)
regular special deals for masters ONlY at special prices, as we feel they really deserve it

Oh yes please :D

Ps. A newsletter would be nice, but let's not be greedy ladies, we already have Master Geek keeping us well and truly upto date on an almost daily basis - ahh, what could be better :p
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those look like fab colours for the summer are they available yet in the uk ?
they look great, do you get the bag too??????
availability in the UK yet???????
what about a price anyone...........
Loads of questions for little ol me
sorry geek, I knew better was in a hurry and didnt think of it, thanks!! :oops:
... they will be available in the UK - ANYTHING cnd do - we do!!! :shock: Available in July and yes you get the bag; when ever you see 'the collection' as a whole - that's what you get!! The colours are cool and if you read the subject "What's Fashionable" I have posted the PR on the 'Bazaar' collection to paint a picture of what's hot for the summer!!!! 8)
Loughton received the new colours in a delivery this week.... had a quick glance, great colours.... pretty sure it was priced at £9.99-bag, beads all included :D
Yep it's about £9.90 for the Baazar and Scandal is £10.95 + VAT and delivery...........
The little bag is so cute ................
Well they are fab, I love them......................
Dont I always lol

love Ruth xxxx
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