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Jul 31, 2003
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Have been looking at and see the Legacy collection has come out (I read about it in Scratch too - someone had recommended the colour and I wasnt sure what it). Can anyone let me know when it will be available in this country :?: I didnt get to Excel so might be behind the times (do live in Westcountry).

I missed out on Bazaar, and would love this! ;)

PS Love the OSNS people in Salisbury, but is there any chance of getting one nearer to us, that is 130 miles away, and I really would love to see all the products, so I can choose colours etc. Howabout the CND Academy in Plymouth having one, that would be great when we go and do our training? :p
I too am interested in this collection. I think it was at Excel but I dont think it was available to buy. I called Leeds this week and I was told it would be launched officially at GMex in October. I hope they dont sell out as I am not going to GMex so I will have to buy it from Leeds HQ.
how weird my boss brought this collection at excel .we have it in salon.
Thanks, I am not going to GMEX either, but will try Leeds asap!

Good luck Fiona, I wont be ordering 2moro as on Masters Sculpting course, let me know if you are successful!



PS Quicksoak bowl a hit!!!!!!! :D Would really recommend it to cut down time and clients patience!
I have to say I also bought the legacy collection at excel, the colours are just great. I was told there was limited availability only though so I must have been one of the lucky ones. Can you not get it from head office though
i also like the new colours, gilded lilly is the fave so far :D
there is a soft choclate brown shade (sorry the name eludes me at the mo :oops: ), which looks gorge as a french over gilded lilly.
also, the little doofa that comes with the set to show off the shades is 8) hope it comes with all the collections to come.
lol liza xx
Wow! I just had a little sneaky peek, I haven't yet bought the Lulu collection (I know :rolleyes: Shoot me now! :gun: ) But I will definatley purchasing this one!
..i want that one too....with the dressing table type thingy.... i wanted the china glaze flip flop thingy/polish and y'now i contacted china glaze about 4 times after i saw it in nail pro and they did not once come back to me... i think thats really rude after all we are their clients.......

anway what is the box type thingy that creative do that looks a bit like the carpet bag... thats the one i want
i cant get to gmex can we order these online anywhere i find it soo much easier for me to just buy via credit card online...
It is not possible to buy Creative Profesional products on line at the moment. Just ring the head office and place your order. Main tel line is 0113 275 5719
If you do not already have an account number, they will take your details and sort you out. Very easy and very quick. If you are not Creative trained you can still buy everything but Liquid and powder ... for that you will need a conversion class.
Sawadee ka

I look creative web and have very beautifull web and everything very beautifull i try email and make for send and can not .

When i look web i not see price so not know how much cost for color .

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee ka Mui
Creative is all sold through stores in the USA. They do not ship direct to nail technicians.
If you want to know UK prices then pm samuel or samantha and I'm sure they will help.
Kop khun ka
Sawadee ka geeg

No problem i can buy from america i see before in Thai beauty magazine have creative 1 time but some body take magazine my shop and not take back my shop .

I look many time i think i go magazine shop look them book and find .

I think have some body have creative in bkk but no have phuket.

Kop khun mak mak na ka you tell me geeg

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee ka

I stupid some times i will pm sam samantha and speak them when i read you tell me 2 times i under stand now .

Kop khu mak mak na ka
Hi All

Spoke to Leeds yesterday, they say Legacy is to be launched at GMex ;and will be available through them after this time.

Expect a rush!!!

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