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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
[thread=4606]Anyone game to give me some feedback?[/thread]

(its in the premium section so if you cant read it... thats why ;) )
photo album is a great idea
just had a look, the family photo is great!!!
Mullet suits you:D
I'ii have to buy a digital camera to use this facility.
Thanks... I need testing of all the facilities though... not just browsing ;)

Upload some stuff to give me a hand please ;)
great stuff :)
That seemed easy, but its got me as unregistered ... what did I miss out??
can you fix it?
Great once i got the hang of it lol
sawasdee ka lesley

How can i have the cat and the bird same you it always make me laugh .

Mui from Thailand
Great facility Sam,I love it!
now I've got no excuse for not using my new digi.
However I'm with Geeg here ... I found it easy to get my pic up but, it says I too am 'unregistered' ...huh???
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