New Helia gun for HV5008


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Timeless Tanning

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Mar 26, 2009
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Does anyone know if the new Helia gun fits on the old style HV5008?

Are the hoses the same size etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Jackie! Yes, it will fit.
Yes the new helia gun will fit on the 5008 hose.
Brilliant, thanks Ladies.

I've been having so many problems with the old style gun not spraying properly as the plastic pick up tube inside the cup keeps coming away which I think is affecting the efficiency of the gun sucking up the solution.

Jackie x
Could you buy a replacement tube rather than expense of gun? The gun will definately fit, I use both guns with my 5008. The new gun is lush, very light, easy on the fingers. Just fiddler to clean. The tiny metal plug at the end of the plastic tube has always fallen out of the tubes, gave up in the end and dont bother with that bit on the old gun, the new gun doesnt have one.
Thanks Fabtans

Yes, I did think about that but it is the actual long rubber tube that keeps falling of the connection and it is the second rubber tube I have had this problem with and had enough of it now. Time for a new gun I think.

It really stresses me out everytime I go to use it as it is so unreliable.

You could buy a clip to hold the rubber tube in place if that is all that is wrong with your gun. You can pick them up from any DIY place like B&Q (they are usually called a hose clip and are adjustable).

If you just feel your gun needs replacing then you could buy a new TS20/5008 gun or a helia gun.

There is a thread on here with a few different places that sell replacement 5008/TS20 guns and they are very reasonable price - I've not really looked into the cost of the helia gun. I was considering getting a helia gun when they first came out but Steve@Nouvatan said it would be pointless for me to get one when there is nothing wrong with my 5008 gun, I have learned how to adjust my 5008 gun to get it's best perofmance and I would get no more tans per litre by swapping to the helia gun - so I decided to stick with what I have and not throw money at something that doesn't need it (yet).
Hi Baggybear

That's great idea. I think I will take a trip to my local diy store at the weekend and see if that will solve the problem before purchasing a new gun.

THe helia gun isn't that expensive, I might wait till the next beauty show at Olympia if I can solve my current problem.

Hi Jackie! Yes, it will fit.

Hi jakie can you tell me the best setting to use on this gun, my fresh indulgence tan came out all watery what am i doing wrong? thanks
Setting 3 on the new gun, give or take a little.
Watery? Do you mean too wet on skin? If so, your dial is set too high, turn it down play with the spray consistency against your kitchen roll should not soak through the other side. By the time you have tanned the legs the top half of body should be practically dry. Any more solution on skin a waste of your money really.
Some solutions are a lot thinner than others though - do you mean that? You just learn to work with the consistency of solutions and adjust gun accordingly. Organics for instance is very thick/syrupy compared to Nouvatan etc...Sorry if that was way off what you meant!!

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