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Oct 18, 2010
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Hi this is my first ever post... Be gentle with me :D
I've just started a new mobile business. I have trained and am
Qualified to thread, tint, tan, manicure and extend eyelashes. As I don't know what works and what doesn't, has anyone any thoughts on other services I should look to offer? I don't want to go down the acrylic route. Thought about shellac/ bioscultpure/ minx. What about facials? Is there much demand? Is it worth spending time and money to train?
Any other start up tips mucho appreciated :)
Ooh btw not sure it matters much but I'm in Manchester....I know treatment trends / services vary from area to area.
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If you already have your manicure certificate, you could add minx and shellac, they are very popular, biosculpture would mean doing their training course as I am sure they do not sell to tech's without their own training, and I may be wrong, but seem to remember that you have to take a training course every year?? maybe a top up course?? am sure a bio trained tech will let you know for sure, facials would be a good one, if you are wanting to retail as well as you can sell the products you ise to your client, and facials can be incorporated into a lovely package?? have you thougth about massage?? low outlay for return?? hth x
how about waxing and spray tanning when i did mobile they were two of the most popular treatments x
I am mobile in the greater manchester area and i started up a couple of months ago. It would be helpful to you to see what other mobiles are offering in the area you will be working, someone advised me to maybe add a treatment that not many others do and this may make you stand out a bit more.
My business mainly focuses on massage,holistics, facials, mani and pedi i do offer waxing and tinting, but i havn't gone down the route of nail art, eyelashes etc, as i want to focus on the above, and my clients seem to be after the stress relieving aspect of beauty therapy. Perhaps decide on the direction of your business and expand in those areas like with the minx as suggested above, specialised waxing may be good too.
Also do a search through the forum on adding treatments and you may pick up more tips from what has already been posted.
Good luck with your mobile
can i just ask why you aren't interested in the whole nail extensions route? i am planning on going mobile... one day :\ and have just booked my cnd foundation and spa course and i'm just interested in why you don't want to offer them services mobile? are they bad services to offer mobile? :\ my bf has been harassed by the females in his work asking him 'does your girlfriend do nails with her beauty?'

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Confused- I just think the initial outlay and competition is too great. I don't like treatments that damage the skin / nail and i know acrylic doesn't damage per se but I know an awful lot of people who are turning their backs on acrylic due to previous damage.

I'm interested in facials and massage but worried it's not suitable for mobile...

Nicola thanks for your post.,tbh I'd have thought holistic was more salon based. How are you doing with holistic as mobile??
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