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Dec 1, 2011
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Hi, im about to start my own mobile beauty business but theres just a few things i'm unsure of! If anybody has an advice, anything will be appreciated!
Firstly, how do you go about sterilising you tools?
And regards travelling, do you have a minimum spend to travel out or a travelling fee?
Thanks in advance xx
Barbacide in a jam jar works for me, plus I use the nsi sterilising spray to.

Asfar as minium spend, I think u need to look at the area which u are going to cover and the cost that involves, then base a minium spend on that. I didnt when I 1st started but soon got fed up with using an hour of my time just for an eyebrow wax, now if I have who just want a brow shape I get them to invute there friends which I find works well, they dont have any extra costs and I can justify the travel x

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I tend to say £10 minimum spend but I've never really had to in force it as only a couple of my treatments are under £10.

I also cover roughly 10 mile radius from my house and I do charge for fuel if they are more than a few miles away. They most I charge is £5/£6. I think as a mobile therapist you need to charge for travel, unless you are going to include it in your pricing. I've always found it better to offer competitive prices for everyone and charge fuel depending on their location.

A client asked me once why I don't include travel in my pricing. My answer was that I don't think it is fair to charge the client the same price whether you are traveling 1 mile down the road or 10 miles.
Hope this helps :)
Thank you so much for your help ladies!! Xx

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