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Dec 7, 2003
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Hello everybody, My name is Cindy and together with my partner Peter we have set up a nail studio in our home. It has been up and operating for over a month now. I would like advise on what is the best liguid power everyone has used. So far we have used the creative line and some that I have ordered over the internet from America. We need all the sdvise we can get as we have just started(and sometimes just unsure of alot of things) We both live in Ireland Peter is from here and I am from America. I do like creative products but have a big problem with the distributor in Dublin. I don't believe they have got it together as for as stocking items that you need. We order supplies in August and finally recieved the rest of the order just this month. Anyway we having having some problems also with lifting. That all I will type for now. Thanks for reading and hoping to hear form everybody soon. Happy Holidays to all.
Well I have to tell you that you are definitely using the premier system for nail enhancements in the world.

Lifting is usually caused by a lack of thorough PREP or a lack of technique, the product does not lift when applied correctly. There are lots and lots of posts on this site about lifting and how to avoid it. Use the search engine to the left and enjoy the read.

The Creative Nail Academy in Dublin only opened up a year or so ago and they have been flat out growing the business and just last month won the Creative Distributor of the Year Award!!

When a company experiences phenomenal growth as they have, it can sometimes be very difficult to keep up with demand because the demand keeps getting more. Ordering for them can be a nightmare, as it sometimes can be for you. I sympathize. I know that no one is interested in the problems others have, only there own so I ask you to try and work with your distributor by ordering early, and ordering larger amounts so that you won't have these problems. I'm sure that over the next 6 months things will get better for both you and the distributors.
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