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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
HowdA all.

Been very busy over the holidays with... well.. holiday type stuff.

A good chunk of today has gone into the new site and I am pleased to say that I think I should hit my goal with having it up by the end of next week.

I will not have all the whistles and all of the bells that I plan on having... but most will be there. In preparation for the move, I thought you should all be aware of some things.
  • Avatars - These will not be ported over. Aside from the massive work involved with moving them over, The new site has new dimensions for avatars (60x60 instead of the current 131x131). Yes it is much smaller, but I have done this to maximise the reading area for the new design as well as to minimise download times.
    When the site changes over, you will need to either upload a new avatar, or choose one from the new gallery.
  • Signatures - You will need to double check your signature as the upgrade script seems to whack out some signatures that have the fontsize tag in them.
  • Smiles - There are new smiles. I am not going to port all of the old ones over as there are tons that are seldom used. That means that some posts will show the smile code in them. If there seems to be some that are frequently used, I will bring those ones back.
  • Private Messages - These can not be moved over. Sadly all of the private messages will dissipate into deletionville when we move the site so make sure you have printed out any that are pertinent to you.
    On that note, you may need to double check your settings to ensure that you have Private Massaging enabled. By default, it currently is not on in the new site.
  • Polls - These have not been transferring correctly and I may end up redoing them after the move.

Those are the biggies anyway. I expect the majority of the move to go pretty smoothly, but I am sure there is bound to be some hicups.

When the time comes, I will mass email all of the registered users as the site will be down for at least a couple of hours. When everything comes back up... I will mass email everyone again (and hold my breath).
Well firstly Sam well done on getting the new site nearly done :D
Cant wait to be part of it, and will be keeping everything crossed on the launch day :D
Can't wait for the new site sam sounds like it will be brilliant ;)
Well Sam,sounds like it's all happening ................
Brill Job and it will look so cool..........
As if I`m not addicted enough to this site, I will be checking more frequently now, waiting for this brilliant new site of yours. Its going to be great
Yeeharrrrrrrr!! (er just in case you're's the sound cowboys make when they want to go faster :shock: )

(you can make it a new year, but you can't make it a new me!!)

Dizzy Dellie
Sawasdee ka

very nice to see new site but i happy this one .

Kop khun ka mui ka
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