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Oct 15, 2007
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Hi Everyone,

Newbie just joined today, hoping that you may be able to offer me some advice with training. Im a complete beginner, looking for nail training in Kent - can anybody recommend a training school in this area? I've looked at lots of training schools but i'm a bit lost!

Any help would be much appreciated

first of all hi beautylearner!!!! im from suffolk and would not know of any training schools in kent.i trained with nabs and they were in peterbourgh,i had to travel 1 and half hours there then back for 2 days,so if you are keen on it then be prepared to travel!!!!! only advice for you my dear is type in nail training in kent and see what comes up.hope that helps :green:
Liza Smith is in Sittingbourne, Kent. She is a CND Ambassador, Session Technician, Salon owner, Competition winner and a fab educator. I did my all my L&P Masterclasses with her and my Masters Day and what this girl don't know about nails can be written on the back of a postage stamp. Send her a PM she is a very, very friendly Geek xxxx
Thanks for the info Ruth, I really appreciate it - I will contact her today. Im so excited!!!xxx
hi sj, Liza Smith in Kent has been highly recommended so I will see if I can contact her, but thanks for your advice - being a complete newbie its a bit of a minefield! I actually moved from Peterborough only a few months ago, I would have been very close to where you did your training!xx
what a shame that would have been brill!!!!! i did meet some nice girls and 1 who i practised on,we are always e-mailing each other now..... good luck with the training when you do it xxx

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