Newbie nerves!!!


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Aug 5, 2003
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Hi All

This may sound really pathetic but I get really nervous when doing a clients nails for the first time! I get so nervous that I get the trembles! Am I waisting my time in this profession or has this happened to any of you ladies? I'm sure with time I will get over it, but it is so dis- heartening
when I really want to do this :oops: Any advice on how any of you have coped with nerves would be great, I love meeting new clients but when they see that I am a bag of nerves I am sure it must be off putting.

KerryLisa xxx
Hi Kerrie :)

I had the reverse happen to me just yesterday, a friend of my sister in law booked and then was terrified what to talk about with me , as she was going to be sitting with me for over an hour , but after 5 mins we were chatting like old friends.

The main thing is to be relaxed and just be yourself, just chat about every day things or maybe something you seen on the news or ask her questions, like where does she work or is she getting her nails done for a special occasion, and that usually triggers off a conversation and it usually just flows from there, and then throw in some advice about after care and do's and don'ts with her new nails, and usually they then end up asking you all the questions as well.

I'm just a natural chatter box, but i do get nervous with some clients, but usually if you ask just a few questions they will keep the conversation going and all your nerves will be gone :)

Don't get disheartened I know i still get nervous with some clients even after i have done them a few times lol, but some people are just like that they are naturally quiet and thats really hard for me as i like to talk ALOT lol

Hope this might have helped a little

Kerrie :)
Hi there,

How long have you been doing nails on clients or are you really new? You will have to be a little more specific on exactly why you think you feel so nervous.

Maybe you are still a little unsure of yourself? If you were 100% confident of your knowledge and your craft, then I don't think this would be happening to you. Keep learning! If there is an area in which you are unsure ... book more tuition until all your questions are answered or ask the members of this board about specific issues that will help to calm your nerves.

You say this is only with new clients so perhaps it is just a general shyness? Or is it that you are afraid they will ask questions to which you do not know the answers? Are you very young and your clients a lot older and you find this intimidating?

I'm sure that with time and more experience you will find this 'nervy' feeling will pass.
Thankyou for your replies, Geeg I am very new to this, and am still in training, but when word spreads in our village that there is a lady down the road that does nails they are round here like a shot to be 'guniea pigs'!

I can not turn this away as the practice on live models is great, but like you said I am still unsure on certain things and am a little scared that I may be asked something I dont know. Like a lady asked me the other day if I do Italian manicure :shock: What the hell is that?

I have only done family and friends and a couple of people I didn;t know which were the ones I got nervous with!

I guess it is a confidence thing, hopefully when I know all there is to know I will be well away!

Also I'm 24 and the ladies that I did other than family were in their 40's, but the conversation was flowing, so I think you and I have just answered my problem - It's lack of knowledge and lack of confidence.

I will keep at it and knuckle down with all the things that I am unsure of - still not sure on the diseases of the nail! :( They are such long words I can't even say them.

I also feel that I should mention that I am training through an essential nails course, but really think that I need 1 to 1, to show me the things I am unsure of.

Thanks again I feel much better! :)
You know what?

There are only 2-3 things, disease wise, you will ever see in the salon. Normal good hygiene in the salon will ensure that you will not see those things. It isn't really necessary to know all those nail disorders an diseases as we are not allowed to diagnose them anyway!! All you need to know is that is if the nails lok at all unusual to you, get a doctor to look at them before you perform a service.

If ever anyone ask you a question you don't know the answer to? This is what you say. "You know I'm not quite sure of the answer to your question, and I wouldn't want to mislead you ... so I'll find out for you and tell you next time I see you."

Never try to 'blag' or BS your way through as you only end up looking 10 times worse. Admitting you do not know the answer does not make you look ignorant but ... but conscientious.
I also suffer from nerves, and manage. Dont despair just get the client sat down and start them talking about themselves they soon forget
and you soon forget to be nervous...Honest :twisted: Good luck.....we all need to sometimes
For the new tech with reservations about new clients " My dad always told me that we are all 19 years old in the brain" this means that all people are more or less the same as you. You might not believe it looking at them but if you remain polite and be yourself they will soon be eating out of your hands (no pun intended). :D
Well Babe I know how you feel...............
We all do, there isn't a Tech out there that wasn't nervous about new clients as a newbie..................

It's a new situation and we all like the familiar dont we????
Take it from me, the clients wont know that you are a bag of nerves........

On my very first day, I was shaking from head to toe, and then she wanted bright red varnish, you should have seen my face, it must have been a picture, but hey after that it was getting better and better ...........
It's bit like stagefright.............but you can do this and will be great......
Trust me I am a NailTech lol
10+ years on and I love my job, love the challenges it brings and where else do get to play with sticky stuff and paint lol not in an office thats for sure lol !!!!!!!!!!!

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Hi Ladies

Thankyou all so much for your fantastic confidence boosting replies!! :D I feel so much better that I am not the only one that gets nervous and that it will (should) pass :!: I will practice, practice, practice until I am perfect in every aspect of being a nail technician. Thankyou.

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