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Wow - look at all your replies!!!

Mrs Geek - my userame - Maceyratbags - Urm, well.... I had a pet rat called Macey, and when she was naughty I'd call her ratbags.... et voila: Maceyratbags :D

Had another bright idea at the weekend for advertising. I was in a changing room of a clothes shop and, armed with a bag full of flyer leaflets (as usual), I left a couple in each cubicle. Got a few strange looks - but hey, it'll be worth it if I get a call. Not too bothered if someone rings me to tell me off for 'littering' - the pros far outweigh the cons!

Thanks again everyone ;)


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Apr 3, 2003
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Well, lastnight I had my first client.

She’s getting married tomorrow and wanted gel overlays. After working 10 hours in my f/t job I drove the 32 miles to her house.

After a half hour chat where I completed a client record sheet I made a start. Although I’ve performed around 40 enhancements previously, they were mainly on friends & family who paid me purely for my supplies – based on the fact that I was using them as guinea pigs for my practicing.

Well, I must pat myself on the back because I done a superb job. I gave her 3 sculpts to make up the length she lacked on some nails, and my smile lines - well, they were outstanding. The finished look was perfect, and I have to say (although it sounds big-headed) it's exactly what I expected. Although I haven’t been a Nail Tech for long, with hard work and determination I've been able to build up confidence in myself & my abilities.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. My client was thrilled with her new nails and couldn’t stop thanking me. Infact, she has had gel tips before (not sculpts – just glue-on tips with overlays) in a salon in the city, and even said that I had done a much better job than the tech there!

So, at 10pm I left, payment in pocket (along with a generous tip!!!), plus money to cover the additional mileage I’d done.

This morning (beaming with confidence) I went to my dentists for a check-up. I deliberately wore my Florence Roby uniform and my badge, and hey presto – all 3 women on the reception have booked appointments with me!!!! I’m also giving them ‘incentives’ for every client they push my way (with the aid of them flaunting their nails, and leaving my flyer leaflets on the magazine table in the practise!).

This weekend I’ve printed a further 200 flyers to post around door-to-door, and I’m also going to approach sales assistants in the shops in town i.e. Boots, Superdrug (infact anywhere where they can advertise my work!). Also got a load to leave in the ladies loos in wine bars tomorrow night (of course, I won’t be calling at the bar first……..!)

I’m one happy girl!
Well doNe Ange ... now that first one is overwith the sky's the limit.
Payback time now and it won't be long before you are in the profit!!

Well done... And this:

maceyratbags said:
This morning (beaming with confidence) I went to my dentists for a check-up. I deliberately wore my Florence Roby uniform and my badge, and hey presto – all 3 women on the reception have booked appointments with me!!!!

Was brilliant 8)
Wow - well done you!!! And after a 32 mile drive and already having put in a 10 hour day...that takes some beating - you must have been worn out after all that - but buzzing from the satisfaction!

Brilliant....the only way is up now (and hey - great tactical marketing, wearing the uniform for your dental appointment...I like that ;) )
:D :D Well Done fellow Hitcher :D :D (I've left you a message on Chatter regarding Hitched!!!)

You've inspired me to get my training sorted and go for it sooner rather than later - thank you 8)

What a great story! congratulations :D
Thanks so much for your replies!!! Still on a high - let's hope it continues! :D
Well done thats fantastic news.

I like the uniform idea for the dentists - great idea.

I thought of doing the same and leaving some flyers in Wine Bar toilets, will give it a go. Do you know is there any restrictions on doing this??

Well done, its great news.....
As for the flyers in the loos and such places, I`ve always worried someone is going to ring me a tell me off for placing them without permission but so far so good, lol
Well done you. I really enjoyed your account.

Perhaps you should try book writing too ???

Just a thought - though its sounds as though you are far too busy already.

well done brilliant story and wow what a great idea on your dental visit :thumbsup:

And it is such a brilliant feeling when you have done nails and see your clients face it still makes me feel good now

keep up the good work you deserve it :D :D :D :D
Well done maceyratbags,

Your post made my night...........
I like a good story and a successfull one to...............

Nice touch with the uniform...................
Did you andMr. Dentist chat about the dental acrylic????
How did the visit go????? Hope he didn't use a Nail Tech Drill??? or Dremel lol............

Good luck babe, it's up and away for you now Hun..............

love Ruthxxxxx
Maceyratbags (what a name - I crack up when ever I see it - here we have this beautiful blonde woman with her husband and she calls herself - Maceyratbags!!! you must tell us all why!!! :D ) Anyway we all love a good story like this and I have to say that I chat insessantly with my dentsit - we are all from the same family background so-to-speak!! 8)
hi macyratbags a big congratulations to you , it sounds like you are just totally beamining with self confidence that is great, brill idea on the uniform, great way of getting noticed .hope your good fortune continues
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