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Apr 12, 2010
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Hi, my client has a base 4/5 and would like base flood and two coppery colours, so one dark and one a shade or two lighter. can any wella experts out there advice me on some juicy colours??
hi, I'm not a Wella expert, but have used them for a long time. The 77/44 is really bright and very copper- like orange! One of my clients has it all over, its firery! Unfortunatley, the lower down you go into the 55/'s the more red, to plum they come out, so I would go either lighter still with a duller one- 8/4, or 7/34? I will look like a different shade because of how bright the 77 is! Have fun!!!
Are you using a 4/0 all over or a 5/0? It would come out better the darker it is :)
does it have to be wella? or u open to suggestion from other brands? look at my hair from my most recent post, pics included in it, now that is juicy LOL x
I have seen you hair scottydolly and that IS juicy! she is looking for a more subtle effect so nothing too striking - we have to become a little more subtle as we get older!! well some of us do. :smack:. Pen.x
HAHAHAHA, ah well, worth a shot x

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