Nice Fabric# new set... and terrible conversation!


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May 21, 2003
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Ascot - Berkshire
Hi gals.. and guys...
I have just finished a very nice set of Fabric# :thumbsup: (tips and fiberglass) for a young teenager who is going to her prom night tomorrow. She was really happy (so was I, Hadn't done fiberglass for a while!! :? ) and I have to say they turned out really nice and more natural looking that I remembered FG being. Now, that was the nice part of it all.... :(
While chating, this lovely girl told me how pleased she was to have found me and that of all the techs she had phoned, none had asked her age (she does sound young on the phone...), none talked about the various systems, none asked why she wanted them and offered different possibilities, temporary or more permanent. Si I was chuffed... :p But then she said some of her friends hadn't been so lucky. One had found that shop in a back alley which would do het set for £10. So she went... her hands are burnt (?????) because she was left under something to make the glue dry (????) and they forgot about her... so she burnt... then she had tips put on and they weren't filed at all so they are a tremendous length... and then they don't seem to be the right size anyway as her finger show up on the sides... basically she had to take her last exams yesterday in agony, with bright red burning fingers... I was so angry!! I told her to tell her friend to come see me and I'll take them off and just do a nice manicure so at least, her hands look better for her prom night. I am still furious that some people would attract young ones with cheap prices and just do .... I don't know what but sure do mess up they nails AND fingers... GGGGRRRR So furious.... :evil: :evil:
Sorry.... had to tell someone... :oops:
As I say a little conversation goes a long way.
10£ back alley jobs, well they wont last long.................
Maybe they should call this salon Crispy Tips ?????????????
Sadly you will hear more of those story's.................

Tell the client to tell her friend to go to trading standards office nd make a formal complaint. We cant do nothing but educate, but they have the power to investigate, stipulate and close down if neseccary.Tell her to take piccies too, have a small report written by you, just to confirm nail damage and then complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ruth xxxxxxxx
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