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Jul 6, 2004
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Hi All,

This is only my second time of writing on this website and I still cannot believe how much information I have picked up from everyone :)

I feel I have come to a bit of a standstill at the moment :| I am a complete novice to the nail world and I am looking at courses with Creative nails I would like to do the 4 day foundation course but because I work full time I cannot get on the course until November (due to everyone else taking there holiday on the days I need ..typical), I would also like to do the Brisa Gel and the spa manicure and pedicure but believe I cannot do these until I have done the 4DFC, I feel I would like to try and get started a little earlier in the year, can anyone recommend any other good courses or should I just try and be patient and wait until November.


Hi Lisa,

My advice to you would be slow down take a deep breath and look forward to November, there are so many hurdles when learning to do nails and you can quickly become demotivated when you try to cram every thing in to quick, the problem with doing to many courses is you end up with conflicting advice it really is better to start at the bottom and work your way up, sticking with one company, rather than doing lots of little courses before November in my view you will be wasting your money, after your foundation course and lots and lots of practice you may then choose to try other products and will learn much quicker having mastered the basics, if your intention is being a nail tech as a profession then the route you have already decided to take will be the right one, I know its frustrating, But November isnt long, It took me nearly five years firstly doing nails as a hobby before I truly mastered the art and I still have my bad days now!

Hope this helps

Claire x
If you cant wait then try doing a search under education on this site and see who else can offer what and maybe you'll be able to do your training before November. I do know how you feel: once i'd made up my mind i wanted to do it yesterday! Good luck in whatever you choose.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help and advice, I've got lots to think about.

Lisa Marie
In my opinion, i would perhaps try getting yourself some sample kits. Creative do one, EZ Flow, Star Nails to name a few and then that way you can have a play with the products and you will start to see how you get on with them. What works for some doesn't work for others. I trained in star, but have tried Creative and EZ Flow. I love some of Creatives products but love EZ Flow's products the best, so you really need to try them out yourself.

It will give you a taster of what's to come, but i agree youshouldn't just try anything as far as training is concerned as you could end up wasting your money.
I have to disagree talented talons.

I think for someone who has no eperience, to order try me kits to 'play' with them as you put it is totally unproductive for them in every way.

No idea how to prep. NO idea how to mix, no idea how to actually do anything. I cannot se how this could possibly be productive in any way either for the model or for lisamarie, in fact all I can see is disappointment and dissillusion as results go from bad to worse.

Be patient, Learn as much as you can theory-wise before the class and enjoy the experience.

If you go to and look at the free NVQ section on the site, you will find an encyclopedia of information there that will give you hours of happy reading and set you up fantastically well for your class in November.
Hiya Lisa,

I am exactly the same. Once I'd made my mind up about who to train with, I wanted to do it right there and then!! I am so impatient like that and when I get excited about something, patience goes out the window!!

I agree with Gigi on this. My mind raced as to what I could do in the meantime, whilst waiting for my course and I too thought about just buying a starter kit, just to have a dabble and see what was what. Something told me not to and patience did prevail I'm glad to say!!! I have now completed my 4 day L&P foundation and have just, yesterday, done the Brisa course. All I can say is thank god I waited. There were other courses available and sooner with other companies, but I wanted Creative and I got it!!

I did as Gigi has suggested. I wanted to feel like I was doing something....anything to do with nails during my wait. So, I bought the Encyclopedia of Nails book, together with lots of reading on t'internet and on this site, just to prepare as much as I could before the course. It certainly helped ease the pain of waiting and I'm so glad I waited!!!

Good luck x
Have to say i had read the thread wrong and thought you had been to college so new the basics.

I agree with Geeg as it wouldn't be productive without any knowledge to try out any kits right now. You are better off waiting for the training in November but in between times gather as much info as possible and start learning the theory.
Hi there. I too am fairly new to the nail industry and am also impatient with learning everything and I want it all now! I started a part-time man & ped course (Saturdays only as I work full time) at a college in London about six weeks ago and can't believe how much time and energy it takes up of the rest of the week. Like you, I was keen to do the fdfc at Creative, so I booked myself on it in June. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was very intensive, as you are not really just doing 4 days training, you have alot of work to do in between day 3 and day 4. And on top of that I was doing college homework! Arrrghh! Bit stressful! My advice would be wait till November! :|
Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know I have booked myself on the 4DFC in November...I am getting nervous and excited already!!

I have also checked out the NVQ section on Creative nails and have printed some pages off and at the weekend I bought the Encyclopedia of Nails so this should definitley keep me going to November.

Thanks for all your help.

Lisa Marie
Hi Lisa MarieYou also might want to consider doing a manicure and pedicure NVQ or other government recognised qualification. I don't know what the local authority is like where you live, but in London, the council requires you to have a government recognised qualification in order to offer this service to the public. I am finding my course invaluable in lots of ways. I'm getting much more knowledge and experience, especially around the health and safety aspects of the qualification. I used to do Star Nails silk wraps about 8 years ago, with just the 2 or 3 days training they offered and no other qualifications whatsoever. I cringe now when I think about how inexperienced I was especially in the health and safety aspects. Just a thought.
In the meantime what about doing an evening course in hand and foot treatments. This wil give you a big step up when it comes to your course in November - you will have covered anatomy and physiology, contra indications, client care, health and safety etc. This will make your 4 day foundation course easier to digest I'm sure.

All the best in your future career.

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