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Jun 30, 2003
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I know Tracy L at Essex is doing her utmost to lean on local councils over these non-standard salons, but I want to try and do my bit too.

There are three NSS's near me, all licenced (what qualifications they hold I dont know, off to check that out in a min ;) ), but none adhering to the regs - no prep, no sanitisation of tools etc, no ventilation, no records etc etc you know how they are and of course they're using MMA....

I have a revenge motivation for this as one of them severely damaged my nails in December (yeah silly me.... though it's what finally drove me into being a NT with Creative).

Anyway, I just discovered I have a contact in the local MP's office (very handy I thought!) so I want to start leaning on him, as well as putting in a licence non-compliance complaint to the H&S & trading standards sections at the Council...

I'm thinking I'll need some good solid MMA info with sourcing details so he can follow-up, I'm going to speak to Tracy L for some advice but was wondering if anyone here has some pointers to add before I pin him down to listen to my speech :twisted:

all thoughts welcome :D
Talk to Ruth Fordham - she is an expert on this subject and has posted extensively about it on this message board.

Tracey L would also give you help in the form of documentation etc.
by checking the MMA article here?
There are also butt loads on (just look for the articles section)

Hope this helps
Hi Tracie,
Out comes the soap box..........

Well hun , MMA is great for teeth , but not nails.................

Like Sam said, check out the MMA info on this site, it's fab.........
Beautytech articles are great.....................
Check everything out and read and read and read............

Where about are you ???
You can always PM me and we can have a natter ......

love Ruth
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