Not busy at the moment-any ideas to get new clients?


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Aug 4, 2013
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Hello everyone I just wanted to check the past few weeks haven't been to busy for myself in the salon .

I have a salon with one member of staff who works Thursday Friday and Saturday generally we are normally fully booked Thursdays and Friday when we are both in ...

The past few weeks we have not been busy at all.. Is it just me or is everyone quite just now?

Any ideas how to bring new clients in or any ideas of how to get clients back in!!

I have put a few special offers on but only a few people have booked in

Thanks x
I work from home evenings and weekends and I am absolutely dead just now!! :(

Sarah xx
It's crap isn't it ! I'm glad to know it's not just me though ... I was thinking something was wrong because I'm never this quiet .

Thanks xx
Me too! Absolutely rubbish! Think it's cos it's near Xmas that's all I can think of :-( xxx
I think I have 4 people booked in for the rest of this month!! Thank god I am not full time doing this or I would have 0 pennies this month lol! I have tried offers & different ways of advertising and no joy :(

Sarah xx
I'm busy at the moment, but if you're quiet maybe it's a good time to review your offerings and see if there's something new that you could bring in to renew interest, or promote something for people looking to escape this dull grey weather!!
I'm busy myself with the cornerstones of my business nails, tinting,lashes and electrolysis.
We put facials on special this month linked in with retail skin care as that area has been slow and as November is always slower I'm introducing a new treatment .
September was a nightmare for me it was quieter than when I first opened, the beginning of this month has also been slow. I have asked the other shops near me and the have said the same. My husband works for a big and successful company, he had a business meeting last week where the CEO said that business stats were saying the high street had a massive slump last month!!

Let's hope it turns around soon!!
I think you have to be careful not to correlate what happens with shops with what happens in salons, retail and the service industry are two different beasts. Our town is dead quiet at the moment, all the shop keepers are moaning, but the hair and beauty salons are all doing well.
We're quiet at the moment but have got a new treatment launching in November so it gives us time to get promoting that. On the plus side I am starting to take xmas bookings already.

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I think you have to be careful not to correlate what happens with shops with what happens in salons, retail and the service industry are two different beasts. Our town is dead quiet at the moment, all the shop keepers are moaning, but the hair and beauty salons are all doing well.

On my parade we have a barbers and two hairdressers, they are the people I've asked. I also have friends In my town that own hair and beauty salons, they've also been quiet.

If people are not spending, they are not spending it doesn't matter whether it's hair, nails, clothes or anything else for that matter, there has been a downturn.

However I'm very glad it's not happening everywhere, gives the rest of us some hope. :)
I am struggling with the quietness, plus my prices have gone higher because i was underselling myself way too short. Now i am at wits end, plus i tried getting extra factory work around my part time job, and that hasn't worked out well because they only gave me two shifts in the past two weeks, even thou i have phoned and text left voice mail on the answer machine, i am really getting down over it too.. Trying to apply for other jobs, and keeping my part time job 3 days a week, isn't working out at all. :/
I've been dead as well hun only thing i can think off is if people are working out their hair from now till Christmas and having their hair booked in 1st or 2nd week of November so in fine for the Christmas appointment. I'm even debating on if to put out our Christmas deal out early to get some new people in as well x
How about running a pampering evening one night? Say a Monday or Tuesday when people aren't normally busy. Offer bubbly and some quick 'taster' treatments with an incentive to book a full treatment.

I run a site called Home | Beauty Hum where you can create a completely free profile page on you and everyone in your salon can have one. The site is very new, I just launched in July, but there are already over 350 professionals on it and over 100 reviews. Next month I am starting a big marketing campaign to promote it, so now is a great time to join, plus you can write blog posts to help promote yourself more on the site and our social networks.

This is the link to join Beauticians add yourself to the site | Beauty Hum

The other thing to think about is creating Christmas gift vouchers for people to buy for loved ones/friends which could bring in some cash or partnering up with a clothes/fashion store and running a customer evening and hopefully both of you get some new clients....

I've been exactly the same! Had one Cut and Blowdry today. Yesterday 2 gent cuts. Shocking. Rest of the week not much better. I'm at wits end to :( feel depressed because of it. I can't remember the last time I had a really good week! It's horrible being self employed and having bills to pay!

I just started up doing children's pamper parties. Lots of interest but mostly for next year :( I keep thinking about getting some part time work in the evenings or something. Glad it isn't just me! Could of done with a 2 month holiday through this quiet period! Haha
I'm always quiet in October, I plan for it every year, mums shelling out the cost of school uniforms in September etc and most schools around here are full logo kit and blazer etc soon runs up the £££ if they have more than 1 child to buy for :/
Iv just taken over a premises's I was getting very busy in the summer . The last 2 months have been awful except for 1 or 2 days . Next month I have about 8 bookings .

I'm going to do a leaflet drop soon and maybe offer some vouchers at discount rate .

And maybe book some training for something new.

Restaurant near me was complaining and she owns more then one business.
I am quiet to . I have a small salon at home cant have any lower prices . I have just made a fb page so hopefully this will help . People just dont seem to b able to afford it atm especially colour.

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Yup october has been rubbish. I'm hoping pamper parties will be popular in nov cause I make quite a bit from those in one go. Going to send out an email I think telling people to book their christmas pamper parties ans christmas treatments as appointments are going fast! :) still havnt decided what to give clients this year as a gift...x

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