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Helen mobile tan

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May 1, 2015
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Hi I have been tanning for about 6 months with about 3 tans on average a week I live in an area where they is a few other mobile beauticians ect I only charge 10 a tan as to get new customers to try my solution which I have never had any complaints about (suntana) over Christmas it has been dead and sum weeks I've not tanned anyone I'm just looking for help on how to get my business out there I use fb as my main way of advertising and word of mouth. I use suntana because I love it but it's not a very well no brand would I be better changing to a well known brand like fake bake??
Depending on your clients may be Try Laurens way tan,
I use fake bake on one client but she brings her own solution she seems to love it x
I don't think it's anything to do with what brand you are using.
Do you have a like page on Facebook? If so Unless you are paying to advertise on Facebook hardly anyone will actually see your posts. Are you posting o your local selling sites with pics of your tans you've done?
Ask clients to tag you in one of their pics.(most of my clients do it without me asking but most won't mind)

Get some leaflets made and do a drop.

Go to any local fetes and Fayres that are relevant & talk to everyone you can - take email addresses & set up email alerts to message them about deals or to remind them about you basically.

Give business cards out.

Find another local tech who offers things you don't and offer to swap a stack of business cards & advertise for each other.

There are so many ways, there's a thread on here if you do a search with lots of helpful tips on advertising & gaining new clients.

It can feel like forever but give it time, it's taken me a year & a half to get a comfortable amount of clients and even that's not constant all the time throughout the year so I'm still working at it. Xx
Ok yea thank u I have been posting on the selling pages and have done a few leaflets which I've put in my local shop and one hairdressers! The picture idea is gd I've never asked my clients for pics do u just ask for legs? Don't no how many would take pics in they underwear! I am don't no how to do the email thing I'm so bad with tech?
Normally just a strap mark (use your friends for this one) or get them to tag you in a pic of them when they are ready to go out, you'd probably be better asking for that pic than a strap pic. x
Good ideas from Cheekychick. I had the same problem but this year after moving to a new area I have over 90 news clients and I only work evenings. For me registering with has massively helped because people just Google "spray tan" and their area. generally comes up top and if you get customers to write a written review on your page you will rank higher there too. Also get your business registered on Google business - again this will help when people search online.

Always follow up with your clients the next day to make sure they are happy with service to encourage repeat business. Its all about growing your brand so find your unique selling point.

Another thing I've started doing is a recorded free prize draw using all the names of people who have liked my facebook page. Do it live and the send the recording to the winner and post on your facebook. Encourage them to share. I do this once a month. Check out my facebook page to see my post. I then share this post in groups I've joined like wedding groups, selling sites etc. to encourage more likes.

Hope some of this helps.
Best of luck
and I think £10 is way to cheap - its cheapens the service your providing. I charge £25 and have no complaints.
Maybe people are scared off by the super cheap price. If it was me I wouldn't be filled with confidence of a good quality product/service at such a cheap price. Where I live most places charge £25 but the one mobile business charges £20. Xx
I would never book a tan for £10. I would think you were learning, not very good or using cheap product. (Sorry :) )

£18 is about the cheapest I'd pay, up to about £28

Ps I'm s nail tech so this is just my personal opinion as a potential customer x
I missed the price! I'd Definitely raise it. There's no one cheaper than £20 where I am. x
Hi Helen,

Do you have an Instagram or twitter account? Both of these are also really useful in marketing terms and can cost you nothing but your time. You can pay for advertising if you wish, like with Facebook, but Instagram (especially) is really the only social platform that doesn't hide away your posts away like FB does, or like Twitter does just from the sheer number of tweets going up every second.

Both Twitter and Instagram are very effective when using hashtags, try posting a few tan-related photos on instagram with lots of relevant hashtags, even using geographic ones to your local area, beauty-based ones, tanning ones, etc. and you'll be surprised how over time you will start to build up a following, some of which may hopefully also be local to you. You can then use those platforms to run special offers and you may get some bookings via them in the future. Just another one to add to the list.

ps. I fully agree on all the comments regarding price, £10 is certainly too cheap and may be questioned by a lot of potential customers. £20-£25 minimum depending on location/competition is more on par.

One more thought... have you considered offering retail products (tan extenders, body scrubs, etc.) as part of your spray tanning 'package'? That might give you an edge over other local competition if you can get some retail products at trade price from your preferred brand and then offer them as part of an overall package deal to each customer. It may also help increase your overall profit per customer too.

Best of luck with your business!

Far too cheap. I charge £20 within 8 miles radius. My clients pay up to an additional £10 mileage charge for me to go out and tan them and I never have any quibbles on price(50p per mile return). I occasionally do an offer of two for £30 invite a friend sort of thing or if it's just for them the second tan must be booked within 30 days. My clients all work, they have money and are prepared to pay, don't under charge your service. When I started I did a day for my friends all £5 each I did about 6 or 7 that day and that was it, went up to my full price.
Do you offer any other treatments? Do you offer tanning parties? Where the host would get a free tan or a tan cheaper than the rest of the ladies who book? Try handing out leaflets at dance schools and gyms. You might get girls entering dance comps and at the gym you might get body builders who are entering comps too x

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