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Aug 7, 2007
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So I did the LCN training and did well walked away happy to work on my first victim..

So on Wed night I went over to a work mates house with all my stuff another friend from work was also coming over later..... and all started well except she's not the most patient of people and as time went on she was getting more and more twitchy which started to stress me out anyway I got through them and when alls said and done they were not to bad and she was happy! then I started on the next one WELL... she started fidgeting and touching her nails banged em on the lamp and all together drove me nuts. But I soldiered on thinking this is real people and what your gonna have to deal with so bite your lip girl and get on with it.... until... I realsied I had left the sealant at home :mad: so what exactly had I put on the 1st girl... phas 1 is what I had put on them :smack: I did wonder why they were not very shiny... I could have cried 6 hours in all how stupid am I :irked:

So to add insult to injury I came in today only to find out girl no 2 had PICKED the whole lot off cos she couldn't type... Well at that point it took everything I had to stop me spitting the dummy right out of the pram especially as I hadn't charged her !!!!

Now.... I was warned by Sassy that this would happen... if I didn't charge em they wouldn't look after em I'm sorry Sass, but ripping em all off after a day is taking the Pi*s just a bit..

I have to say I learn't loads though and not only just about nail enhancements! :irked:

But you gotta laugh:lol: !!!
At least you have got the first ones over and done with now.

They do say that the easiest way to learn things is to learn by your mistakes. At least she didnt take them off cause she didnt like them. But do charge them next time, even if it is to cover the cost of your products.
when i first started doing nails i charged people £10 each to put a set on and after about 2 months i was whizzing through people. next time you no to check your equipment before you leave. i wouldnt worry i suppose we've all made mistakes and forgot something, i forgot my brush once:lol:.
but as already said we all learn from them.
I think I can speak for about 75% of us, when I say got the t-shirt for that one:lol: I found the inlaws to be the worst for this but no more, they don't pay they don't have, and get this when I charged for the products not a lot, give them free time they were so tight because I was going to charge a very small fee for removal they pick them off, and then say look at the damage:mad: get a grip!!!!!!! any way I have said to the inlaws ,if they do not have removal done by me or a rebalance no nails from me at all, and I can tell you it made no friends and they don't ask for nails now!!! don't know why:lol: but hey live and learn, smile or cry this is the life of a nail tech XXXXX
i suppose the saying "customer always right" does not apply to nail tech!!!!! when i done my familys and charged nothing one of them ripped them off when she went to beach and yes i was annoyed cos after i told her she should not rip them off she said "they were hard to rip off" i thought GOOD cos i put alot of work in them.:green:charge next time then if they do it again at least they paid you for it!!!!!! good for you that your laughing about it now!!!!!!!! hth x
I'm torn between thinking you should charge something, and thinking they are already giving up a lot of time and possibly wearing nails that are not fantastic in the beginning (nothing person, I don't mean you here lol, just generally).

But if you don't want to make a charge, perhaps try telling them: "If you pick these off I'm afraid I won't be able to use you as a model again."

They might take more care if they think there will be no more freebies.

How frustrating for you though, I do feel for you :hug:
If it's any comfort, I just remember this from when I started out . . . I was using a three phase gel, but in my nervousness (and I was a wreck really lol) I used the sealer for all three layers:smack: Of course it peeled off and she was back quite quickly but I managed to bluff it . . . never done it again though, that's the thing, you do learn from these mistakes lol
Don't ever do nails without charging, but you have learnt this lesson now.
On my first day when i was renting a table in a salon i forgot to take my lamp so had to work blind for the day, yes we all forget items that we need. :hug:

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