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Jul 19, 2003
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One of my co-workers has thin, weak nails and wants to have an overlay done, she's not particular about the type (gel, acrylic). The problem is that nothing stays on her nails. Even nail polish peels off by the end of the first day. I've tried both gel and acrylic on her nails, used bond aid and primer and prepped extra carefully. Still she gets lifting almost immediately. She's a hairdresser and often buffs her nails to remove color stains. What can I use to make the overlay stay on?
I have come across this problem before in the salon and sadly, sometimes we have to admit defeat as once in a rare while, there is a client that nothing will stay on - - but usually they have the same symptom of the nail polish peeling thing.

Most often their nails have a really high degree of moisture and the client has 'clammy' hands.

Do any of these symptoms sound like your client?
I also have a client with this problem. She is a dental nurse and is forever washing her hands. She also has clammyish skin but her cuticles are sore. Again she tells me that nail polish flakes off.

She has long nails and wanted a natural nail nail overlay which I have now done 3 times with each time lifting at the free edge area after 2 days then the whole lot simply peels away. None of my other clients seem to suffer from lifting so Im pretty sure its not a prep problem. I gave her a bottle of solar oil but not sure if she really uses it!

I thought about trying Fabric but dont want to damage her nails if Im not doing the right thing.
We technicians have to stop doubting ourselves so much.

When 99% of your clients don't suffer from lifting problems, the problem is NOT your PREP.

As I said, not everyone is a successful wearer of Nail enhancements and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it.

Don't waste time and angst doing full set after full set. Just try one nail of a different system on her and see what happens. My guess is that she will not be a good wearer of any type of enhancement but if you were to try out the one system that maybe more compatable than the others, I would go for a wrap. EC resin is very compatible to most nailplates.
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