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Apr 24, 2010
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north wales
Hi everyone,
I have one client using NSI balance gels and wondering why when i come to do my infil the natural nail is turning yellow underneath? this is only happening on a few of her nails luckily she wears a glitter top coat so it does disguise the problem but its not the point. As she is my only balance gel client i cannot compare.
Thanks in advance
is it underneath the existing product or on the new area of growth?
Its underneath the exsisting product:confused:
To me it sounds like it's nothing to do with the gel but maybe the health of the nail plate or prep. Sounds strange for it not to happen to all the nails. Please post if you find out the problem :)
it sounds as if it may be the begining of a pseudomonas bacteria infection. the appearance is yellowish at first and then to pale green dark green and finally black if it isnt intercepted in time.

if there has been any lifting on her nails its possible that moisture could have gathered under the product and given way to bacteria.

i would advise you look in the article section on this site for 'mouldy old fun guys' i think that is the article that tells you all about such infections and also search 'greenies' which is a common name for this infection.

when will you next see the client?
This problem has been going on for a while now. When i soak the nails off to re do (something she wants every 6weeks) the nails are fine and clear. I used to do her nails every 2 weeks and there was never a problem, due to finances she now she does them every 3 weeks and this is whats happening. I will only see the client in another 2 weeks.
Help please
Did you mean to say soak off as balance gel cant be soaked off.
hmmm, balance is a file off gel i believe?

im not quite understanding how the nails can be clear when product is removed when you say the discolouration is underneath the product.
do you mean that the product itself is discoloured?

is she a smoker? smokers nails are sometimes yellowish , but this would be the product and possibly the new growth too dependent on frequency and the angle of holding the cigarette.

is it the same nails everytime?
This client has just told me she is a secret smoker im sure this is where the problem is arising from. Its always her index and middle finger that has the problem.
Thanks for the advice :)

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