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Apr 18, 2010
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bebington wirral
hi everyone,
so i usually use uv balance gel system but have come across this system..
does anybody on here use it??
if so can u help me out with how it works and how it differs from the other system also if its better ect.
Im starting in a salon on friday and i want to make sure i am using the best products there is..
Sorry for all the questions
Any advice would be very grateful
I have used Illusion, it goes on nicely & good coverage but found it not that easy to soak off.
I how use Harmony's Gelish which has a great selection of 48 colours & more due out in Jan & am much happier with this product & the "Harmony army" after care is fantastic.
NSI are just bringing out Pro Polish (or is it Polish Pro) haven't tried it yet though.
I have tried the Illusion system a while back and wasn't happy, the colours are nice enough but when doing french it went yellow after about a week, also like Poohbear said, it wasn't easy to soak off!
I now use Shellac (similar to Gelish) and havent touched my NSI Illusion gels since!
Thank you for the replies .. i shall take everything into account x
I have tried NSI's Polish Pro and it worked well and I have heard that they will have several more colors by the end of the month. Soaks off in 10 minutes and lasted over 2 weeks with no chipping. I am a fan.

Can't wait for more colors.

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