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Jan 11, 2003
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does anybody know where I can buy one please?
creative one stop shop leeds i got mine there i thinh they are nubar

The One Stop Nail Shop in Leeds and also in Manchester stock these pens....they are £3.50 (ex VAT) and contain a striper brush and a pen.
We have the full range in leeds in stock at the moment.

hope this has helped

All the best

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One Stop Nail Shop Leeds
01132 163016
Thank you David I called your shop today and was told they are not available on mail order as yet. I live in the Oxfordshire area and it would be too far for me to travel to buy one. :|
Hello Maddie.....

Sorry about that....i was aware that we only sold them in the shops at the moment. hopefully they will be available through our mail order service soon.

Again many apologies

All the best

maddie said:
Have you ever used one to create a crisp smile line in a french manicure?
erm ........ not exactly :lol:

I haven't used the Nubar Pens Maddie but at a bored moment I did do my toenails red with a black/glitter french style tip using a Spangles Glitter Striper & that worked quite well. I'm still in the very experimental stages with my nail art :lol:

millenium nails sells their own brand of nail art pen which is practically identical to the nubar ones for £1.60 vat. they come in over 70 colours and are available mail order.
does millennium nails do the nail art pen with a brush and a dotter combined, if so they do an empty bottle too which would be great to create custom colours too
What is Millenium Nails' website?

Peppercorn Nails said:
What is Millenium Nails' website?


the prices are for the public you need to register as trade and they will send you a catalogue and trade price list.
they do have a striping brush at one end, but i find it a bit thicker and stiffer than some ive tried. the spotting end is first rate though, its very fine and controlable, good for fine details and even writing. they do sell empty ones , about 95p i think. the colours are the same as their airbrush paint range so i think that might be whats in them. it would have to be quite thin to come out through the very fine nozzle. i think they are gonna be at n.e.c next month.
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