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Nov 7, 2003
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hi guys
What is the situation with regards to Solar Oil and nut allergy sufferers? I have a client whose daughter has a nut allergy so i have only ever used a fruit based cuticle oil on this client from odyssey as i am terrified of my client having solar oil on her nails could lead her daughter having a reaction. Apparently her daughter only has to be in the same room as a peanut, let along eat one, to be really ill. Obviously i would rather be extremely cautious and have no intention of using solar oil on her but would like to know the situation. Or maybe i am totally wrong and assume solar oil is nut based because of the lovely almond smell! Any one know the answer?
thanks dianne
Better to play safe than sorry.

I don't think she will eat the SolarOil which does indeed contain Sweet Almond Oil and normally is not a problem to sufferers of nut allergies, but she sounds a bit extreme so in her case I would not risk any exposure to anything having to do with nuts.
thanks for the reply. I thought better to be safe then sorry, but although i didn't think she would eat the solar oil, i did worry about her preparing her daughters food...
Judging by what you are saying about the severity of her allergy........she cant even touch a nut .........I wouldn't............ even thought Solar oil has been safely used on clients with nut allergys................

Now I would never assume or presume that something is safe or unsafe...
I am not a doctor or physician who can judge how a client would react......
Therefore I would rather use a different oil !!!!!

Anaphylactic shock is a scary thing to watch........

But we did cover this subject in April and I ask the allergy foundation in Kent for some advice, there is a link to her email and Website, so if you feel you need to check it out further, give her a call.............

Here is Karens reply :

Refined oils are not usually a problem for people with nut allergies as the nut protein is broken down in the refining process but this is not a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately, many of the oils used in the cosmetic industry are not refined oils.

For anyone who has a severe nut allergy, it can only take 1 molecule of the allergen to trigger the reaction. You will also need to bear in mind that traces of oil could remain on surfaces within the treatment room so thorough cleaning measures would need to be in place to avoid cross contamination.

As well as almond oil, there might be other nut oils which might need to be avoided. One to watch out for is Arachis (peanut) oil. Please also note that some people can be allergic to peaches, avocados and grapes, too, although the nut allergies tend to be more severe reactions.

Probably your best course of action is to find out from your clients whether they have any allergies and the severity of their reaction and be guided by them. Couple this with very good hygiene policies to avoid possible cross contamination.


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Allergy UK

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