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Mar 15, 2003
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Dont know about anyone else but I am fed up of all the mixed up info about the nvq unit 19..wondered if anyone can help and give me the correct info. Is it going to become law by dec 2004 to treat members of the public without this qualification? Do creative and other company qualifications count towards the nvq? I am about to take a vtct(vocational training charitable trust) course..will this be enough in itself be a match for nvq i.e will it be anough (with my company certificates) to enable me to still get insurance to treat the public etc?). I have even been told by someone that nvq 19 is soon to be replaced???? I am all for only trained and fully qualified professionals being allowed by law to treat the public... but hope that all my experience and other certificates will count for something! I cant even seem to get correct info from several beauty insurance companies and even certain top pro's ! Also the centres running the nvq seem to be mainly in the cities...not much use for us in the countryside...seems it is going to involve a lot of expense and travelling for me to take this qualification! Thanks in advance for your help :o)
Hi Tracy
I think everyone is in exactly the same quandary you are, we all want the right training first time, and to be sure we're not spending money on training that is irrelevant, or shoddy!!

The Geeg posted an excellent response to a similar question a few weeks back - here is the link - and I think she's summed it all up really :D No-one fully knows what is/will be expected, but as long as you keep detailed records of your training and progress, it can all be used as evidence no matter what course is decided on.


Hope this helps - and welcome to the board

:D :D
thanks so much for your reply..i read the link and am now quite relieved..i seem to be on the right track and its a good idea to photograph work done..i will start doing that tomorrow now i have my new digi camera lol Glad I'm not the only one confused by what is what! I'm doing the vctc basically to gain another certificate other than the 'company' certificates I have gained over the years... nothing wrong with a variety lol and it does now seem it will be a good equal to an nvq or will at least help me to fast track towards one(although I am expecting a college course to be quite 'behind' compared to courses like Creative...ah well it will be interesting lol..and a chance to meet new people with the same interest in a the new area I am about to move to).
P.s i did some training with Creative a couple of years ago and I found it excellent (sorry cant remember who it was that asked me what i thought of my course there) ...i will defo be going back there to 'top up' in the near future lol.
I asked Alex Fox (editor of Scratch) to do some research for us on this topic and to write an article in Scratch that will clarify things for all of us. It is an important issue for us all.

She said she would!! Such a nice girl! So look out for it.
Good idea..i actually ordered scratch yesterday so will keep a look out as I think we all will!!!
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