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Aug 14, 2010
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hi im wondering if you hair geeks could help me
i did an apprenticeship NVQ lvl 2 when i left school, i could have done lvl 3 but i didnt really want to do hair shows etc at the time. i am now wishing i had done it so to have the qualification certificate.

can anyone recomend anywhere that does lvl3 training and also how much i would be looking at paying, im 21

i am based in stockport
hiya, i cant recommend anywere, but i'm at my local college doing my l3. If it's your first level 3 qualification you will probably get funding for it and will only have to pay your exam fees. Hth xx
thank you , im just waiting back to here of my old tutor how much etc what days it will be . but will have a feeling it will be on the days i work
im wanting to do the same zebra_cake.. but looking like next year as i'll probably have to pay for the whole course. At my local college where I did my day release its on an evening one night a week, so that might apply to where you do yours, then your work wont be affected, and if it is im sure your employer would understand as it is to benefit your career and work.
A friend of mine is a tutor at a local college and she said she 'thinks' it's in the region of about £600
i so wish i had done it straight after lvl2 now £600 :( ill , have to get in touch with the collage and see if they do night/evening classes

do people recommended doing lvl 3 though ??
yes, i definatly recommend doim it. At the moment were doing colour correction. The level3 theory work is more in depth.

I'm feeling more confident in my ability and knowledge after doing it for three months, so definat'y worth while.

And plus you can never have too much training.
Hey zebra_cake,

I would recommend doing a level three course, I am currently studding at level 3, the treatments, theory and applications are advanced and need a higher level of skill is required. Level three has given me a much more confidence in myself as a therapist, you understand the body and how it works a lot more.

I am studding at Leicester College, Freemans Parks Campus.
i have done some quick research into colleges in stockport and have found a link to one which look good i will post the link at the bottom. depending on your age depends on whether you can get it discounts or have help paying for your course, kit and material fees.


Hope this helps you
Much Love
Mr Skin Deep. xo
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Depends on situation i think.

Our college funding was cut as was everyone elses, but me and some other girls got it because of age (under 24 i think it is)and the fact we already had the level2 in hairdressing.

But I know from my tutor that the government fundings even tighter next year.
Zebra_Cake sorry i thought you were talking about level 3 beauty not level 3 hairdressing

Sorry :(

Much Love
Mr Skin Deep. xo
thanks everyone , still looking into doing this just getting xmas out of the way first
I'm looking into doing level 3 too, qualified in level 2 four yrs ago but want more in depth colour knowledge and confidence really! We are in Bognor Regis and have a apprenticeship hair college down the road who do day release from work and they thought it would be around 500 but she called me back and said it would actually be 750 but this could be paid monthly over two years, so got to weighing up whether it would be worth it and worked out just one of my regular colour clients would pay this so def worth it? In the long run this extra knowledge would more than pay for itself, they do great add on business units which is great for future ;) hth x
I know how you feel, I did my level 2 hairdressing and finished it 18 months ago. At the time I didn't want to do my level 3, but now I do. I'm 21 years old and am in the sticky situation in that I did my AS Levels first so I didn't think I was entitled to any funding :(
As others have said, if it's your first full level 3 course then you can get funded?
I am still trying to find a way to do this!!
Hope it all works out for you :hug:

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