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Christine G

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Nov 10, 2004
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Good afternoon to you all.
Having had training with Creative, I am keen to continue with my education.
I appreciate the high respect that Creative holds within the nail industry, therefore I am looking to start, and complete my NVQ training with them.

I would very much appreciate any feedback from any other technicians who have completed this training, ie how long it took to do, and where.( I believe Salisbury provide this ?).

My next step is to concentrate on building up to my Masters, especially now I will be changing my job, hence there will be a lot more time available to me, but I must admit, the NVQ is both important, and appealing to me.

Any advice, help, and input would be greatly appreciated.

It all depends on the individual. I did my NVQ and my Masters at the same time, although not both with Creative as Creative didn't do NVQ at the time.

Why not call Creative Education (0113 275 0433) and they will advise you on what is best for you.
Christine, thank you for your quick reply, I gave head office a call just after lunch and was told that NVQ was not something that they offered!! Must say I was a little confused, will keep pumping away at this one though.

Thanks again,

Why not pm Rachel (aka Chocolate) or telephone her - that is who I did my NVQ with and she is great - Welcome To K-Sa-Ra.

Tracey Leja at Creative in Loughton does (or at least used to) do NVQ assessments. Call her on 010 8787 7040.

Good luck!
if you had the time you could also check to see if your local college does NVQ... ( dont scowl please..) i was privately educated in nails and am now an NVQ assessor myself and the level 3 we teach includes all sytstems , maintenance, airbrushing. coloured acrylics and gels and photographic work.. maybe the college im at is just a damn good one to offer this ad its over 2 nights for a year so pretty in depth as well as not being product biased..
Raquel thank you for your input. I have contacted my local college and sadly they do not offer ANY NVQ training in nail technology, let alone any NVQ assessments, they do a manicure and pedicure course, and they are starting a "Certificate in Nail Technology" course in March next year, but apparently thats all they are,,,,a certificate.

I will get in touch with Rachael as Chris suggested. It is very frustrating when you want to improove your standards and and have your skills recognised and don't seem to get anywhere.

I was going to do my NVQ with another leading company in my area after reading in Scratch earlier this year about how the local councils will be regulating nail technicians, and their minimum requirement was to be NVQ qualified,,I did a conversion course with them, and after having to chase them up at least half a dozen times, I was told earlier in the week that they have decided not to do the assessing and that I would have to go London to do the whole course and the assessment.!!

I will persevere with this, thank you both for your help, I will let you know when I am successfull.

I think Ketan at the London Creative Acadamy also offers NVQ assessments - it's fairly new and you have to speak to the Acadamy directly rather than via Head Office in Leeds. The phone number is 0208 896 2424.

I was in a similar position 2 years ago, I signed up to do my NVQ with K-Sa-Ra, paid my money then didn't do it. It became too much of a chore to get models over to Kent as often as required, etc. so I didn't bother.
I did my NVQ Level 3 and Masters at the same time with Anne Swain, Milton Keynes, if thats any help.

It was quite intense if I can find my workbook I'll post later how long it took me.

Ju x
Trin, thank you for that, I will give them a call, I didn't realise I needed to phone the Academy as opposed to head office.

Ju, thank you too, time wise I would be looking to complete by the end of the year so I would be interested as to how long you took.

Thank you,


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