Oh my god its a greeny!!!!


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Nov 17, 2003
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Hi there everyone, i need a bit of advice!!

I had a client call me yesterday for an appointment for her maintenence, so i managed to fit her in today. However at the end of the call yesterday she said, oh by the way one of my nails has a green bit on it!!!!OH MY GOD!!!
Well i said i would look at it today. I have never had the pleasure (or not so!) to see a fungal infection, but im quite sure that this lady had a fungal infection under her enhancement. I removed the enhancement, so i could get a better look at this little greeny, and sure enough under the acrylic nail there was a lovely bogie green coloured line. As you can imagine i am absolutely horrified by this, so i told my client i didnt like the look of it and wanted her to see her gp before i put another enhancment on. I am now terrified in case this has happened because of something i have done? I use creative products, always use my scrubfresh, etc, and chlorispray all implements and files after and prior to use. What has gone wrong?? This lady has left over three weeks between appointments and had a bit of regrowth and slight lifting. She also works in a hospital, and i dont think she wears gloves when carrying out chores etc. I really hope someone can give me some answers as this is really bothering me??

First of all Michelle, stop panicking LOL. This IS NOT A FUNGAL INFECTION it is a bacteria infection. All you need to do with this is remove the enhancement thoroughly clean the nail and it is then safe to re-apply your enhancement. You can very gently buff the stain to lighten it - make sure you dispose of files etc. so you don't risk transferring the bacteria to other clients.

Check out various articles on this site for greenies and also Sam has done a great article on the "Funguy"

It is likely that the lifting has allowed oil and water etc. to seep under the enhancement and this is a prime breeding ground for the bacteria.

I think Fiona meant that Mould (which is a fungus) doesnt grow on humans ;)

[thread=2641]Here is the article[/thread] she was mentioning.
I had the same prob couple weeks ago with my sis. Anyway was given excellent advice as told by 'the one above'. I panicked but now is all well, have also suggested to my sis, as I would any client to make sure they aware of their own hygene, without making them think badly of themselves.

Thankyou to everyone that helped me out with this one.
Ive been doing nails now for almost 2 years and never had the pleasure to see a lovely green fingernail! When i saw my client yesterday, i removed the product, used scrubfresh on it twice and painted on a french polish to enable her to have a nail which blended in a little with her other pink and white acrylics. I advised her that i wasnt sure what it was and for her to see her gp tomorrow before i am able to put on another enhancement. Do you think i have done the right thing? If it is ok to put another enhacement on that nail, is it better to leave a little while before i do? My nail prep is really good i like to think, i always get client to clean their hands, use cool blue, then i do all the other things like scrubfresh twice. I always use chlorispray on my tools/files, after use and again before use. Im so worried it is caused by something i may have done. Although i know this client did glue one of her nails back down when it split last week, and no she didnt get the glue from me! Also she did leave 3 weeks between her appointment this time too, so there was regrowth and a little lifting going on? Do you think i am in a postion to call this client and get her to come and see me for another enhancement to be put back on, or should she see her gp tomorrow, any advice????

Michelle xx
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