Oil Cleansing Method, what do you think to this method?


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Dec 10, 2008
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I'm only speaking from my own experience here as I'm not a professional (well I do lashes but not skin care stuff)

I have had nightmare skin since my teens. Have tried everything under the sun and now use Dermalogica which I am happy with. I got given Eve Lom cleanser last year and my first thought was "Ooh, oily cleanser. I'm not putting that on my skin" I looked at the Eve Lom website which explained about using oil on oily skin and realised I had been trying to strip the oil off my skin for years and my skin was reacting by producing more oil. Made sense to me! Their website explains it much better than I can!!

I don't use the Eve Lom any more but now use the dermalogica pre cleanse oil and my skin is easily the best it has ever been!

So it's a thumbs up from me

How interesting, I'd never seen that article. Just a quick read through but I'm happy with that.

I seem to spend my life telling people to avoid 'problem/oily/congested skin' products found on high street shelves (so harsh and they just make it worse long term) and just cleanse gently but thoroughly whilst respecting their skin. And I have no problem trying to get people to put oil on their faces. I usually recommend Jojoba as that works extremely well on oily skin, but I've never even tried Castor Oil so maybe I'll get some in and give it a go.

I also recommend that clients use a washcloth gently rather than exfoliating and I would stress that washcloths must never be used more than once - buy a stack (they're so cheap now) use it once then put it through a hot wash.

Thanks for highlighting it!
Ultimately the cleanser has go be capable of emulsifying with the sebum, which is why watery cleansers are usually not up to the job (as demonstrated by putting oil and water in a glass - they seperate). Oily cleansers do work because oil will mix with oil (jojoba oc course being very similar to the skins own natural oils), however other things work as well, such as alcohol, but of course with that you also tend to dehydrate and aggravate the skin. Unfortunately very few people with oily skin will ever put oil near their skin regardless of its merits, so it's good to have an alternative (I sell Decleor, which has a gel cleanser for oily skin).
I have not terrible skin but it likes to breakout and have all the problems you would expect with acne prone skin and I have been using Jojoba oil for a few weeks now and love it. I mix it with my usual cleanser (to use the cleanser up, don't want to throw it away), and I mix some with my moisturiser day and night. I would like to try the oil cleansing method but when I have used what I have.

I have read a lot of mixed reviews regarding this method, some people say its worked a treat and others say its made their skin worse, I dont know what to do!

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