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Jun 19, 2010
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lytham st annes
What make up remover do you reccomend to your clients that have eyelash extensions?
I was just wondering which high street products they can purchase if they do not want to buy the one I retail.

Many thanks in advance

simple oil free make up remover is great x
I went into boots in manchester today and they did not have any oil free remover or if they did it did not say on the bottle?
I even asked a couple of staff and they were not sure either. I am just on the hunt so that I can tell clients they can get x from y IYKWIM

sometimes the staff can be lazy and not look. I cant remember if mine says its oil free on the front, its a clear bottle. read the ingredients 1st for oils x
I reccomend Simple too, non oily, shown on front of bottle, they also do small packets of wipes ( non oily again)
Shel x
Other good water-based make-up removers are L'Oreal, Lancome and Guinot. I use Guinot.


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i use the thai range rosewater oil free cleanser and retail it to my hollywood lash customers. I was recommended to stay away from simple especially the wipes beause they have an oil in them - but reading this, obviously not!!! :lol:
Simple, it's not expensive and does a great job :hug:
what about mascaras??
Maybelline do an oil free eye make-up remover and an oil free mascara x
Thanks alot :)xx
what about mascaras??
I usually tell clients that it's not necessary to wear mascara. I hate doing infills and they have clumps of mascara everywhere. You don't really need mascara anyway.
I do retail it though, but i tell my clients to use it just for the bottom lashes as it's easier to remove then.
I get mine from Nouveau. I just buy the ones that come in a box of 24 and retail them at £5 and nearly everyone buys one :)
Thanks everyone for all your advice, a trip to boots today and bless the poor girl as she will be getting educated lol

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