Ok Here are my pink ones! :-)


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Here is my effort at glitter tips, not quite as good as Ruth's but then I have only just learnt how to do smile lines!! Let me know what you think, if you think they are rubbish be kind!! ;)

I think they look beautiful

I will be purchasing all my metro powders and mosaiacs tomorrow so i can experiment
hi jo jo

they look lovely what did you use for them please tell ;)
Hiya! I'm glad you like them, it was my first attempt! :shock:

Well..... I had some pink glitter dust in my nailart box and wondered if I mixed it with some Creative powder if it might work and... it did! I used 1 part glitter to 2 parts clear Perfect powder, I've also been experimenting with some silver glitter dust so I'm sure I will be wearing those soon! I've got my foundation exam tomorrow so all being well I'll be able to buy the mosaic and glimmer powders very soon! Jxx
For a first..........
First class babe xxxxxxx

I think with all these new picture being posted we could do with a
Tweaking your Style Forum
A Forum where, when a picture is being submitted, creative criticism and tips and how to do it right messages can be posted...........
It will leave the rest of the board uncluttered.............

How about it Samuel xxxxxxxxx
You are the man that can !!!!!!!
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Love 'em!

Good Luck for your Foundation Exam :D
They are lovely Jo!

Hope everything went OK with your foundation exam?!

Not bad at all Jo Jo well Done!!! ;)
well done they are great, good luck in your exam ,
Well done, they are excellent. Good luck with the exam
Very nice :D
Hope the exam goes ok :?
Take care chat soon
Dawnie xxx
great nails well done
good luck tomorrow let us
know how you get on.
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