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May 10, 2003
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i recently changed the name of my mobile business but i had already had loads of price lists etc done in my old name.

i wasn't getting any calls so didnt bother to get any new ones done but suddenly im getting loads of phonecalls.

ive got 3 appointments tomorrow,now i was wondering do i give them my old price list which has my old name on it and just tell them that i recently changed my business name or do you think this looks really bad.

i was thinking of writing under my business name on website - previously known as....

what do you think, should i bother or will this make me look cheap.
i thought maybe giving them something was better than nothing as i also have discount cards for their next appointment so really wanted to give them one to get repeat business.

i would really appreciate your comments on this cos i asked my partner and hes like oh im not sure, if you want love! lol


I would give them the old one, explain that you have recently re-branded and are waiting for delivery of your new literature. The get your price lists re-printed sharp-ish so you can give them a new one next time you see them.

IMO writing on your pricelists looks cheap and tacky.

Don't write on a price-list!

All you need to do is tell people you've rebranded, as long as its got your contact details on, it doesnt matter in the overlap between brands.
Deffo don't write on your pricelists! Just explain they are old ones and you will be getting your new ones in soon. All clients really care about is being able to see what you do and what you charge :)

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