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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Hello everyone,

Has anyone ordered their olympia £9.75 train tickets using the number given on the geek site, i rang and tryed to order 2 but the guy on the phone said that they did'nt do it over the phone and he would have to send me a form to fill in first, anyway someone called David rang me back from professional beauty and said that he'd make an exeception and took my c.card details o and ordered my 2 tickets, but he said that he would send me a form out 1st class as i still needed to fill it in and send it back. Anyway i didnt get chance to ask him when the train tickets would arrive and the form has'nt arrived yet.
Did anyone else encounter this and have your tickets arrived yet???

Ring the guy back, make sure he is genuine, he could have nicked your credit card details and gone on a spending spree!!!! :eek:
The same thing happened to us , i had my form faxed to me but we still havn't heard about the tickets yet.

Thanks Girls,

Panic over :rolleyes: , I gave them a call and they had processed everything over the phone and done the form for me, any how I will get my train tickets two weeks before the show same as my show tickets. I was just beginning to panic as i'd booked a hotel room too!

Thanks again!
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