OMG 20% versus LA Disco (or anything darker than Disco)


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Feb 15, 2005
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Just wondering if anyone has compared these 2 tans? I am looking for the darkest one between the 2 of them.

I am looking for the Geordie Shore /Jersey Shore look (not for myself lol), but I have a few clients who just want to be dark dark dark. At the minute I am using LA disco to achieve this but am wondering if anything out there is worse, I mean darker than this. I have tried Nouvatan 20% against LA Disco (18%) and found that although they were very similar, LA Disco just managed to give the darkness of the brown that I want to achieve. I still use Nouvatan 20 on my olive skins who want to achieve a more natural dark golden brown rather than a "brown" brown iykwim. However, I have been hearing that OMG is very dark and just wondered if anyone out there has found anything darker than LA Disco?

I would love to hear from those who have compared the two tans.
I haven't tried LA disco but can tell you that OMG 20% (I use cherry bomb! this makes no difference) is really dark! my clients who like to be really dark looking say it's the darkest they have tried.
I have used it on myself and although it's personally too dark for me to get away with as an everyday tan, I alwYs opt for this colour for the weekend.

fantasy tan sunset bliss is also really dark but I find price wise the OMG is cheaper and you can make more profit. down side is I find it washes off quicker than other brNds x

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